Wednesday, June 27, 2018

VSA Headlines - June 2016


Blackburn woman, 37, had a history of solvent abuse: A woman who died after inhaling from a canister had a history of solvent abuse, an inquest has heard.

Birmingham shisha bar 'lets children inhale hippy crack': Children as young as nine have inhaled laughing gas provided by a shisha bar where the practice draws hundreds of youths at a time, police say.

Laughing gas canister dealers not bovvered by Council campaign: Photos taken by residents in Wapping show that the Council’s Nitrous Oxide – No laughing matter campaign is just a bit of a giggle to the people selling laughing gas canisters by the box load on our streets.


Vero Beach police identify man found dead in car parked off U.S. 1 in suspected overdose (FL): DeWitt said investigators found aerosol cans inside his vehicle and believe he overdosed while huffing. The three cans were all Maxwell Blast Away, typically used for cleaning electronics.

Cody psychiatrist convicted, sent to prison for DUI crash (WY): A Park County jury convicted [him] of a felony count of aggravated assault and battery and misdemeanor counts of driving while under the influence of a substance and unlawful use of a toxic substance.

Quinhagak Man Assaults Tribal Police Following Huffing Incident (AK): According to the report, Tribal police contacted [the] 32-year-old as he was “huffing” gas and attempted to take him into custody.

Brutal Police Officer Knew Nothing of Autism, Parents Say:  Suing the Buckeye, Arizona, police officer who beat up their autistic 14-year-old while he was playing with a piece of string in a public park, the boy’s parents say department brass justified it by saying the boy’s repetitive behavior indicated that he was “under the influence of an inhalant.”

Huffing and graffiti problem addressed with one ordinance (OK): A Tulsa city councilor says it's time to get tough on teenagers who mis-use spray paint and has now proposed an ordinance to regulate the sale of spray paint to juveniles.

Hollister City Council approves emergency ordinance limiting butane sales (CA): [The city attorney said] the ordinance would only regulate the quantity to 600ml for a 30-day period [and] would also require vendors to keep sales records on how it was sold and to whom.

Major retailers say they’ll phase out sales of paint stripper with chemical linked to dozens of accidental deaths (NY): Home Depot, Sherman Williams and Lowe’s all have announced that they will no longer sell products containing methylene chloride.

Other vehicle and traffic incidents caused by VSA were reported in FL and MI while other VSA-associated arrests took place in LA and WV.


Will ‘Mexico’s Corbyn’ clean up at the country’s elections? Jobs are scarce, solvent abuse common, conditions miserable. La Cuesta is a stark reminder that Mexico’s steady economic growth has bypassed its poor majority.


Glue sniffing, street fighting and crushing poverty – life on the margins of Russian life revealed in photographer’s incredible iPhone pics: Markov's bleak depiction of Russia's grittiest streets has sparked waves of backlash on his Instagram account.


Cannabis consumption rates surpass huffing paint in Japan for the first time: Cannabis consumption is on the rise on Japan. And while marijuana continues to be illegal and highly stigmatized, rates of cannabis use have surpassed the consumption rates of other inhalants for the first time.


Gutka-thinner inhalation rampant among school students in Trichy, say doctors (Tamil Nadu): Doctors speaking at the World No Tobacco Day, which was observed on May 31 said that the practice of inhaling gutka along with paint thinner after a certain process is predominantly done by students between 15 to 17 years of age. The feeling of instant and prolonged high, affordability and availability of gutka are considered to be the reasons for teenagers resorting to this practice


Fears terrifying, deadly LPG huffing craze could sweep country: New Zealand emergency services and health officials have warned Kiwis not to partake in a "dangerous", "idiotic" and potentially deadly craze that's sweeping Australia.