Wednesday, May 30, 2018

VSA Headlines - May 2018

On 23rd May, David Hanson, Chair of the All Party Political Group on NPS and VSA moved a debate in the Commons on Psychoactive Substances: "The use of NPS is a small part of a much wider drug problem, but it is important. I wanted to bring air the matter in the House not to be critical of the Government but to raise an issue that I hope they will look at today or after the debate." Read the full text of the debate in Hansard.


Family's aerosol warning after daughter dies from inhaling deodorant: A family from Gloucester whose daughter, 12, died after inhaling aerosol spray from a can of deodorant have launched a campaign to warn other children and parents about the danger: Visit the Facebook page.

Teenager who killed two elderly best friends after inhaling 'hippy crack' at wheel of car is jailed for decade: [The 18-year-old] was seen holding a balloon to his mouth and inhaling gas before crashing into a car.

Hundreds of motor bikes roll into Exmouth for addiction charity: This year’s ride has raised more than £7,000 and organiser John Bramble, whose son Craig died from solvent abuse 17 years ago, said the support the family has had this year is ‘amazing’ and believes the event is getting bigger ‘year after year’.

Ringstead charity’s campaign to raise £30,000 in 30 days to mark 30 years: Solve It, which is based in Ringstead, raises awareness of the dangers of abusing solvents and new psychoactive substances (NPS). The charity needs to raise funds to ensure it can continue delivering the service into its 30th year.

CanadaHub brings five new productions to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: One-man show Huff from Toronto’s Native Earth Performing Arts is the tale of Indigenous brothers struggling with solvent abuse and the death of their mother, with more than a dozen characters portrayed by Cliff Cardinal.

Two delivery drivers are caught on CCTV ‘inhaling “hippy crack” while at the wheel of their company van: Shocking CCTV footage claims to show two delivery drivers driving off a busy main road then inhaling 'hippy crack' while at the wheel of their company van.

I found God after solvent abuse overdose: Writhing on his bedroom floor, his mind and body wracked with pain from a solvent abuse blackout, Andy Elmes said a quiet, desperate prayer, ‘God, if you’re there, help me.’

Luke Haines - I Sometimes Dream of Glue: Album reviews from Cherry Red, Brooklyn Vegan: Indie Basement and Soundblab.


White Buffalo Treatment facility celebrates grand reopening: The treatment centre, one of the few facilities in Saskatchewan which treats solvent addictions, is part of a national network of facilities providing a holistic form of addictions treatment to young girls between ages 12 and 17.

Long time Ka-Na-Chi-Hih employee retires: Ka-Na-Chi-Hih Specialized Solvent Abuse Treatment Centre’s Sarah Simon, in white jacket, celebrated her retirement with two of her children and the staff and clients at the Thunder Bay-based treatment centre. Photo by Rick Garrick.


Driver huffed air duster prior to fatal crash, police say (NM): New details have surfaced regarding a deadly pedestrian crash in Farmington last Thursday.

Driver who huffed, then drove wrong way on I-94, killing 3, gets 75 years in prison (WI): The driver charged with killing three Minneapolis men after heading the wrong way down Interstate 94 last summer in western Wisconsin was sentenced Monday to 75 years in prison.

Western Alaska teen injured in propane huffing incident, troopers say: A teenage Alakanuk girl was injured when a propane tank a group of young people were huffing fumes from caught fire, the Alaska State Troopers said Monday.

Temporary (hopefully) GDPR restrictions are limiting access to a number of US websites presently but reports of traffic incidents and other VSA-associated arrests have come in from AR, CAFL, MINE, NYPASCTN, VA and WY.


Solvent abuse a growing, but invisible,problem for Mexico City’s homeless: In Mexico, a growing problem of solvent abuse amongst the capital’s poorest residents has the government concerned. But not, it appears, the wider society.


Petrol sniffing education campaign to ramp up as NT police investigate death of 12 year-old boy (NT): Northern Territory authorities are set to ramp up an education campaign about petrol sniffing following the death of a 12-year-old boy in Arnhem Land this week.

Croc attack most likely cause of boy's death (WA): The boy ... had severe intellectual disabilities as a result of suffering from Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. So severe was the boy’s solvent abuse that he was hospitalised following near-fatal episodes a number of times.

Remote youth organisation urges supermarkets to lock aerosol cans up, reduce substance misuse: An outback youth organisation is calling on national supermarkets chains to help minimise volatile substance misuse in Mount Isa, by placing inhalants like deodorant cans in locked cabinets.

Perth parents warned to be vigilant over nang abuse, delivery (WA): Parents are being urged to be vigilant after an increase in the abuse of nitrous oxide cannisters, known as nangs.


Huffing blast survivor and domestic abuser  set to be released from jail: [He] made national headlines, after he and [a] fellow teen suffered critical injuries when an LPG bottle they were huffing from exploded at a Mosgiel home in 2012.


Crackdown on drugs should be sustained (Kampala): The police on May 15 carried out a crackdown on sellers of what is widely thought to be aviation fuel to street children, ending years of inaction on a menace that continues to openly plague major towns across the country.


Glue-sniffing to ‘bear’ with life’s struggles: Not only adults, but children too fall prey to drug abuse, in order to cope with life’s realities. One of the most prevalent substances abused by many is glue.