Tuesday, April 17, 2018

VSA Headlines - April 2018

£75,000 grant will help Stone charity tackle substance abuse: Stone charity Re-Solv has received a welcome cash boost of £75,000 from Lloyds Bank Foundation to help more people overcome the misuse of solvents and other household substances across the West Midlands.


Girl, 12, died from deodorant overdose after she inhaled an aerosol: The pathology report said she had died from a condition known as Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome which results from increased adrenalin leading to heart arrhythmia.

Teenage driver who killed two men in crash after inhaling laughing gas is jailed: [He] had inhaled a balloon full of nitrous oxide just moments before smashing into a van in Farningham, Kent.

Inquest hears how ultra-fit ex-army bomb expert was found dead at his home: An ultra-fit former army bomb disposal expert found dead at his home just days after his wedding may have taken poppers before he died, an inquest heard yesterday.

Man who threatened father with claw hammer after being caught sniffing aerosols avoids jail: A man who bit and threatened his father with a claw hammer after being discovered sniffing aerosols has avoided prison.

Revving up to raise funds for addiction charity: John and Wendy Bramble, the organisers of the event, started the charity bike ride four years ago after their son Craig lost his life to solvent abuse in 2001.

Nitrous Oxide cannisters thrown from car on Hog's Back after occupants seen 'inhaling and driving': "Obviously I couldn’t see their faces properly as they were covered with a balloon."

Public drug taking to be targeted by new community wardens in Royal Borough: After evidence of large quantities of the legal high nitrous oxide was found in car parks and public toilets in the borough, the council agreed to increase the size of its street warden team from 18 to 25.


Arkansas father pleads not guilty to battering 2-month-old; authorities say man acknowledged inhaling canned air: [The] man accused of injuring his 2-month-old son last year after deliberately inhaling canned air has pleaded not guilty to a felony battery charge.

Winona man was huffing propane before vehicle explosion last week (MN): A Winona man whose 1999 Chevrolet Blazer exploded on Prairie Island Road last week was huffing propane before the incident, Police Chief said Monday.

Dangers associated with huffing (IN): First responders and a local health expert wants to warn people about the dangers associated with huffing.

Serial huffer arrested for 18th time but still can’t be charged (MO): An man repeatedly arrested for huffing, was arrested for the 18th time on Thursday.  Then he was released for the 18th time because there isn't a specific law against "huffing".

Other vehicle and traffic incidents caused by VSA were reported in MI (in Troy and Mount Pleasant) while other VSA-associated arrests and emergency call-outs took place in AR, CAIN, MAOHTX and WV.


'Huffing' aerosol dust remover no 'risk of danger' — motorist wins acquittal (ON): An Ottawa man who parked his car at the Carlingwood Mall to get high on the contents of aerosol spray cans — his girlfriend didn’t like him “huffing” at home — did not put the public at risk, a judge has ruled.


90 per cent of street kids in National Capital addicted to drugs, reveals MoS for Social Justice (New Delhi): While 21,770 of these cases are attributed to tobacco use and 9,450 can be linked with alcohol abuse, inhalants and cannabis do not fall far behind with 7,910 and 5,600 cases being reported in these regards respectively.

Bookseller sold intoxicants to minors, arrested (Delhi): A bookseller has been arrested from Jahangirpuri for selling intoxicants in the form of fluid tubes to children.


'Petrol sniffing' teens call in fake stabbing to cops (QLD): Reports of a person being stabbed to death were confirmed as a hoax when emergency services were called to a Urangan home.