Tuesday, February 27, 2018

VSA Headlines - February 2018


Man who put ex-partner through 'terrifying' 20-hour ordeal while high on butane has jail term cut: [He] admitted two counts of putting a person in fear of violence and was locked up for 40 months at Bolton Crown Court in June last year.

My son’s death made me a tireless campaigner: ​Graham Tanner lost his son to solvent abuse. He now campaigns to make manufacturers adopt alternatives to lethal gasses and solvents

Fined: Former Dagenham shopkeeper after knife and butane gas sold to teenagers: A former shopkeeper who sold a knife and potentially lethal gas to two teenagers has been ordered to pay more than £1,700

Gwent Police warn of risks posed by inhaling nitrous oxide, or 'laughing gas': Reports of young people inhaling so-called “laughing gas” in Caerphilly have prompted police to warn of the dangers of the substance.

Thousands of children seeking treatment for addiction: Thousands of children in England are seeking treatment for drug addiction, according to the latest figures.


Man found dead in New York beside 22 aerosol cans and one in his mouth (NY): A man has been found dead in New York City surrounded by almost two dozen aerosol cans, after he apparently “huffed” compressed air.

Blown Away: The Perils of Compressed Air (MN): Minnesota men are dying from an inexpensive and easily accessible way to get high that appears to be perfectly legal.

Woman who was convicted in 'huffing' crash that killed Highland Park girl is out of prison (IL): A woman who was high on inhalants when she drove her car onto a Highland Park sidewalk, plowing into a family and killing a little girl, was freed from prison Friday after serving less than four years.

Police say teen high on inhalants when he crashed into utility pole (KS): A Garden City teen was arrested Thursday on allegations of DUI and drug possession after driving into a utility pole on Kansas Avenue after passing out from alleged inhalant use.

Police charge Marion Elementary teacher with inhaling fumes (NC): A Marion Elementary School teacher was arrested and charged after she was reported by a staff member for inhaling aerosol fumes, according to reports.

Other vehicle and traffic incidents caused by VSA were reported in OH while other VSA-associated arrests took place in IAID, IN, OHTN, WI.

Here’s a quick and dirty history of poppers, the gay community’s sexual inhalant: Many gay and bisexual men use poppers as a euphoric sex-drug: The nitrate-based inhalants provide an intense and disorienting rush of sensation that helps relax involuntary muscles in the throat and anus, assisting with oral and anal sex. According to writer C. Brian Smith, the history of poppers itself is long and interesting — let’s take a peek at some of his factual finds.


Deadly Habits Passed Along to Children: I was in a taxi rushing to an interview when I passed a family of glue sniffers sprawled on the sidewalk. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. A man was helping a small child inhale something from a bag.


Butane abuse reaching worrying levels among UAE's teens, experts say: Sixty people were arrested for inhaling lighter fluid over the past three years, according to Ministry of Interior statistics.


Woman arrested for driving while high on laughing gas: Not a laughing matter: Woman arrested for driving while inhaling laughing gas.


Hardware stores told not to sell solvents to minors: The City Government of Cagayan de Oro issued a stern warning to hardware store owners in the city caught selling solvents to minors.


A new family for glue-sniffing street kids in Dhaka: Breathing in fumes from glue-soaked rags and glue-filled plastic bags is a normal activity for a large number of Dhaka’s slum kids and street children.


Spike in petrol sniffing reported in Western Australian desert community despite rollout of Opal fuel: There's concern about a spike in petrol sniffing in a remote desert community in WA's north, despite a rollout of Opal fuel in the area.


Why Did This Man Step In Front Of A Train On New Year’s Eve? Gays in South Africa are four times more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Deadly escape from reality: It is not very difficult to spot a street child addicted to glue. Maritzburg Sun ventured onto the streets to meet some of these children, many of them familiar faces to motorists and pedestrians.