Friday, September 29, 2017

VSA Headlines - September 2017

Zoe Dunford, who lost her son to nitrous oxide, spoke on ITV's This Morning. Latest statistics from the ONS record 8 deaths in 2016 where nitrous oxide was mentioned on the death certificate, up from 4 in 2015 (see Drug-related deaths involving nitrous oxide, 1993 to 2015).


Debut Monster Live to be mash-up of acoustic acts and genre-hopping DJs: Headlining this debut show will be Captain Hotknives - an acoustic artist, who tackles subjects such as begging, solvent abuse, pigeon hypnosis, and the terrible quality of muffins on trains.

Racist thug jailed after hurling abuse at revellers at Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival: [He] had battled with solvent and alcohol abuse following the breakdown of his marriage and this led to his offending.


14 Year old teen dies in Aleknagik, huffing suspected: A 14-year-old teen was found dead in a boat in the community of Aleknagik during the early morning hours on Saturday.

Union Grove High School mourns 15-year old boy: Several aerosol spray cans were reportedly found near his body, and one was found in his hand. [His mother] allegedly has problems with alcohol and inhaling from aerosol cans — also known as “huffing”.

Walmart death victim had cardiac arrest after inhaling aerosol (OK): The medical examiner says a woman found dead in a Walmart restroom died of a cardiac arrhythmia due to Difluoroethane toxicity.

Man involved in fatal crash was huffing air duster (AR): Arkansas State Police say a man involved in a head-on collision last month that claimed the life of a Greene County minister was huffing air duster at the time of the crash.

Driver was huffing gas before deadly Fairview collision (ID): A Meridian woman accused of causing a chain-reaction wreck that killed another driver had inhaled compressed gas before the crash, prosecutors say.

Huffing may have caused death in north Greeley car explosion, police say (CO): A woman is dead and a man was taken to the hospital early Monday morning after a car explosion that may have been caused by the two people inhaling the vapors from canisters of compressed air.

Man convicted in fatal crash while high on computer cleaner (NJ): A man accused of being high on cleaning chemicals from an aerosol can when he crashed his pickup truck into a New Jersey farmers market, killing a woman, has been convicted of criminal charges.

Aaron Carter's family and friends fear star on verge of relapse: In 2001 he was admitted to rehab for an addiction to inhaling aerosol spray from cans that are used to clean keyboards.

Valley father angry with smoke shop that sold "whippets" to his son (AZ): A Valley father is outraged after his son landed in the emergency room, after using inhalants known as "whippets" he bought from a Surprise smoke shop.

Other traffic accidents caused by VSA were reported in AR, MN, while other VSA-associated arrests took place in FL, IAMAMI, SC and TN,


NT failed boy who said he sniffed inhalants to stop hunger, royal commission told: Child welfare authorities reportedly told rehabilitation camp that was caring for boy to ‘stop calling’.

Courthouse cleanup starts as authorities target inhalant abuse: An alarming rise in youths abusing inhalants like deodorant in areas of the Cairns CBD like the vacant Courthouse Hotel comes as no shock to the volunteers at Street Level Youth Care.

Desperate youths sniffing ‘unsniffable’ Opal fuel: A small number of desperate young petrol sniffers in Arnhem Land are resorting to sniffing stolen Opal fuel – once described as “unsniffable” – despite a government efforts to curtail volatile substance abuse in the region.

Wagga's historic rail gatehouse trashed. Huffing kids blamed: Wagga’s historic rail gatehouse is slowly being destroyed by a relentless group of children who are using the premises to get high.

Meet the People Doing Far More NOS Than You: Three NOS addicts tell us about their cooked brains and failing memories.


Huffing linked to death of 20-year-old Rotorua man: [He]  was found unconscious laying next to two aerosol cans of deodorant, the remnants of his huffing addiction.


Delhi boy killed over whitener for inhalation as mother watched on: A juvenile slashed a 16-year-old's neck with a broken glass bottle after a scuffle over a whitener.


Homeless children sniff glue to take 'away the pain' of surviving Somalia's streets: Hargeisa. Plastic bottles litter the ground as children emerge from an abandoned mud-brick building in this hot, dusty East African city.