Wednesday, August 30, 2017

VSA Headlines - August 2017

In response to some media stories about the effects of 'hippy crack' and with the aim of providing practical harm reduction advice, Vice has produced the really useful 'Always practice safe sesh' video about Nitrous Oxide.


'Legal high' review after laughing gas cases collapse: The Home Office says it will continue to prosecute those who sell nitrous oxide, despite the collapse of the first contested cases under new laws.The Crown Prosecution Service is reviewing two cases after a judge and the government's own expert witness said "laughing gas" was exempt. This now raises questions as to whether the new law will need to be amended.

Nitrous oxide gets the last laugh: The Novel Psychoactive Substances Act has taken its first major blow as a court ruled that nitrous oxide could be defined as a medicine, and is therefore legal.

Men filmed inhaling from balloons while driving long motorway: Three people have been filmed driving along a UK motorway while inhaling from a balloon.

What happened when Armagh I went on a night out with the PSNI: ... There is a need to educate youngsters on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, days after 200 tramadol tablets were seized from a young man; a drug easily accessible online. Solvent abuse is another big problem the police are trying to tackle.

I fight my mental health demons with my bare hands: ... as a young teenager, I began to immunise myself with cheap supermarket cider, gas and solvents.

What are those small metal cylinders on the roadside around Plymouth? Nitrous oxide or laughing gas - known informally as 'hippy crack' - is becoming more and more widespread.

Police discover nitrous oxide canisters in Haddocks Wood in Runcorn: The legal high, also known as laughing gas, is one of the substances covered in the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 which limits the supply of the product.

Gas canisters littering streets around Dinas Powys: Residents have raised concerns after a number of miniature gas canisters were found littering areas around Dinas Powys earlier this week.

Shops face closure by Tower Hamlets Council for selling ‘laughing gas’ illegally: Police are making sweeps on council estates in east London to stop gangs hanging around using ‘laughing gas’ to get their kicks.


Man who wrecked mother's house after 'sniffing gas' gets suspended sentence: A man who "wrecked" his mother's home after allegedly sniffing gas has been given a suspended jail sentence.


Laughing gas sales balloon on Dutch party scene: Wholesalers in the Netherlands say that in the past two years there has been a 400% rise in sales of nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas.


6,000 addicts applied to treatment center in Turkey’s Manisa in first five months of 2017: ... In the clinic, we see at most plural-substance abuse cases. Users of synthetic cannabinoid do not use this substance on its own. They also use volatile substance, hashish, alcohol, and methamphetamine."


Inhalant abuse twice as common in adolescents vs. adults: Adolescents were more than twice as likely to abuse inhalants in 2015 than adults, according to a report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Warrant issued for driver accused of killing three in fiery I-94 crash (WI): ... A blood sample revealed that 0.022 of ethanol and 1,1 of difluoroethane — both of which are found in aerosol sprays and gas duster products — were present.

Northern Californian in fatal wrong-way crash was allegedly high on air duster (CA): A California man ac­cused of caus­ing a crash last month that killed three men in Wisconsin has been charged with homicide.

Thieves breaking into yards, "huffing" refrigerant from AC units: Throughout the country there’s a trend involving people “huffing” refrigerant from AC units.

Really? Suspect reportedly huffed 50 to 75 cans of whipped cream a day to get high (WA): Pierce County sheriff’s deputies were recently called to a house in the Ashford, Wash., area over a report of a man acting “crazy” and refusing to leave a house, the sheriff’s department said Wednesday.

Other traffic accidents caused by VSA were reported in MI, while other VSA-associated arrests took place in FLOH and WY.


Runaway boy drowned: ...The department was also aware that as he entered into his teenage years he was developing a significant problem related to inhaling solvents.

Sniffing toxic substances on the rise for children in Cairns city: A heartbreaking rise in kids as young as eight inhaling toxic aerosol can fumes to get high is going largely unseen except among those actively looking in the shadows.


Teen dead after house fire blamed on petrol sniffing: A teen girl critically injured by a south Auckland house fire has died after spending two months in hospital.


Two teens, believed to be sniffing glue, fall off building; one dies: A boy was found dead, while his friend injured, after falling off a building where they were believed to have been sniffing glue earlier.