Tuesday, June 27, 2017

VSA Headlines - June 2017

New research from Australia has found that petrol sniffing stunts the growth of children: “Petrol sniffing makes you shorter, and there’s no way to catch up even after you stop sniffing” says Professor Andrew Lawrence at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, discussing the latest research findings from his group which are published in the journal Addiction Research and Theory.


The pharmacist who confronted a mother's aerosol addiction: Veerpal Sandhu was awarded by Well for identifying a family in need of support. Ms Sandhu became alarmed when a member of her team brought to her attention that a customer had been buying large numbers of aerosol deodorants. The woman was visiting the pharmacy almost daily to try to purchase them. Ms Sandhu recognised that this could be a case of substance abuse – something she remembered from previous training.

Young people are dicing with death by abusing solvents in Wishaw's Perchy Park: Residents call for action on children get a buzz by sniffing gas cans.

'Hippy Crackdown' at TRNSMT festival as cops vow zero tolerance approach to the legal high:
Laughing gas has been in widespread use at Glastonbury but Police Scotland warn they will be treated "as illegal drugs" at the Glasgow Green festival next month.

CMU@TGE 2017: A Recent History Of Getting High: “Nitrous was massive in 2016”.

Hippy crack for breakfast! Glastonbury revellers get the party started VERY early.


Grieving daughter uses social media to raise awareness on 'huffing' (AZ): A grieving daughter is using her father’s tragic death to spread awareness about a deadly addiction, often fueled by items found in any household.

Man who huffed aerosol, killed pedestrian, gets 12-year prison sentence (WI): A Madison man convicted of striking and killing a pedestrian with his truck in 2015 after inhaling aerosol duster from a can was sentenced Friday to 12 years in prison.

Naked man accused of sexually assaulting woman at stranger's housewarming party (OR): [He] said he had been sniffing glue and drinking malt liquor.

East Alabama coroner warns of increase in 'huffing' deaths (AL): An increase in "huffing'' deaths in one east Alabama county has the coroner there issuing a warning about the dangers of inhalant use and abuse.

Air can huffing on the rise in Southwest Florida: On Monday, North Port police responded to a Wal-Mart in the area where they found an unresponsive 34-year-old man ... He died at the hospital.

Woman charged in incident involving alleged huffing and distressed parrot (NC): A woman has been charged by police in Salisbury with inhaling intoxicating fumes and animal cruelty after an incident on Klumac Road.

Traffic accidents caused by VSA occurred in OHOK, WAWI while other VSA-associated arrests took place in ARFLGA, PAWV and a video of a user in VT was posted to Facebook.


Solvent abuse and suicide hit home for Innu leader’s family: The grim reality of solvent abuse and suicide has hit home for an Innu leader who has spent more than two decades trying to get help for youth in Labrador.


NT health department 'lacked leadership' in handling of petrol-sniffing death, coroner says: A coroner has criticised the Northern Territory health department for failing to provide a mandatory treatment program for a man who died of petrol sniffing.


South Auckland fire that left four with burns caused by petrol sniffing: Leftover fumes from petrol sniffing were to blame for an explosion that left four injured, one critically.


Happy Balloons' face tough crackdown: The Ministry of Environment is set to ban the inhalation of nitrous oxide -- better known as laughing gas.

Man dies after inhaling laughing gas: A 20-year-old man died from inhaling laughing gas, a type of party drug that has become popular among young South Koreans, in the first such case here, police said.

“Happy Balloons”: South Korea’s Legal High: After a bit of trepidation, the young man sucks in air from a yellow balloon, as his friend eggs him on. He draws in the last gasp from the balloon and starts to shamble.


Alcohol and substance abuse rampant among students: The school-based survey found that one in every five students used cannabis and one out of six students reported using solvents.


Man inhaled butane, assaulted girlfriend: A man allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and threatened to burn her after inhaling butane fumes