Wednesday, May 24, 2017

VSA Headlines - May 2017

Please note the latest research from Davies et al on eye-damage relating to poppers: "This study demonstrates that a small, yet significant from a public health perspective, proportion of poppers users have visual symptoms. Clinical correlation is required to determine whether these reported symptoms are due to poppers associated maculopathy, or an alternative cause." Read the full paper here.


[A] man who had a history of solvent abuse was taken to hospital after inhaling between 10 and 30 tubes of glue. [He] died two weeks later [from] multi-organ failure due to solvent abuse and liver cirrhosis caused by hepatitis C.


Nitrate inhalants (poppers) associated with increased virus-associated cancer risk in HIV-uninfected MSM: "Although heavy popper use was not associated with increased risk of any individual cancers among all men, daily or weekly popper use for at least 1 year and increasing cumulative exposure were associated with elevated overall risk of virus-associated cancers with causes linked to HPV, HHV-8, and EBV in HIV-uninfected MSM aged 50–70 years,” said the authors.

The cost of “huffing” and its consequences (LA): Tonight, we have the story of a teen’s death that inspired his aunt from Hammond, LA. to warn everyone about the dangers of “huffing” air in a can.

Traffic accidents caused by VSA occurred in MD, MI and WY while other VSA-associated arrests took place in FL, NCPA and TX.


New gas-sniffing ‘epidemic’ grips Labrador’s Innu community: The deputy grand chief of the Innu Nation in Labrador calls it a “solvent abuse epidemic” in the remote coastal community of 1,000 residents in nearby Natuashish.


Plea for treatment lodged 16 times before NT substance abuser died, inquest hears: Health authorities could not find a mandatory treatment service in the Northern Territory for a man who died from petrol sniffing

Aviation fuel sniffing prompts warning in Australia: Australian health officials have warned of a "serious" incidence of children inhaling aviation fuel in the Northern Territory.

Fuel sniffing at crisis level after cyclone: Young people on Elcho Island are sniffing aviation fuel as they struggle to deal with the mental scars left by consecutive natural disasters, the island’s top doctor has suggested.

Why authorities are so concerned about huffing: Youth workers and health authorities have thrown their support behind police efforts to prevent the emergence of a hazardous habit gripping towns around the country.


A solvent abuser and former inmate turns life around to write children's book: With the help of his probation officer and St Marks rehabilitation centre, Blenheim man Jason Ross wrote a children's book.


Hidden in Plain Sight: Taipei has a Glue Sniffing Problem.


Kenyan children use inhalants to escape poverty: Clouds of white smoke surround the poor and hungry children who live in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. They are huffing inhalants, usually out of small plastic bottles kept close to their faces, to provide a steady flow of poisonous fumes.