Monday, March 27, 2017

VSA Headlines - March 2017


Killed by deodorant: Forensic pathologist, Dr Jonathan Metcalfe said the cause of [the 12-year-old girl's] death was ”inhalation of volatile substances.”

Man is caught inhaling butane gas on Norwich’s Prince of Wales Road the day after release from six week prison sentence imposed for consuming butane gas: A man was caught inhaling butane gas the day after he was released from prison for an earlier breach of a criminal behaviour order imposed to stop him doing it.

Scores of legal high 'hippy crack' canisters found dumped in beauty spot: Piles of nitrous oxide or 'laughing gas' canisters are found outside Milton Country Park on a near weekly basis.

Teens sniff smoke from wheelie bins to get high: Teenagers are sniffing the fumes from burning wheelie bins to get high, it has been claimed.


School honours teen killed by inhaling lighter fluid: The Montessori Lyceum on Van Ostadestraat in Amsterdam set up a memorial place for 13-year-old student Ouahib Omri, who died this weekend after inhaling lighter fluid.


Woman found dead in car after inhaling aerosol with boyfriend in Woodhaven Meijer parking lot (MI): Woodhaven police said a man who had been inhaling aerosol from a can with his girlfriend frantically ran inside a store to get help once he discovered she was dead.

Young woman's death likely tied to use of inhalants, police say (MI): Police suspect that a 23-year-old woman died after inhaling spray of aerosol cans.

Driver in deadly crash accused of huffing behind the wheel (VT): A driver is accused of huffing behind the wheel and causing a deadly crash.

Driver in fatal 2010 'huffing' crash sentenced to nearly 11 years (CA): A motorist who was high on chemicals found in keyboard cleaner when he rear-ended a car fatally injuring a 9-year-old girl, was sentenced Friday to nearly 11 years in state prison.

Harrison Township man who ‘huffed' and drove gets 6 years in traffic death (MI): A Harrison Township man was ordered to serve over six years in prison Wednesday for causing a traffic death while under the influence of an inhalant.

Man admits inhaling chemical to get high before fatal 2015 crash (FL): Ivan Figueras-Pino’s life ended in a jarring, violent instant.

Man found guilty of vehicular homicide in apparent huffing case (WA): [He] quickly left the courtroom Monday after a jury convicted him of causing a crash that claimed the life of a 17-year-old Sultan girl.

Olathe woman sentenced for causing fatal wreck while ‘huffing’ gas (KS): An Olathe woman who was “huffing” gas from an aerosol can when she caused a fatal traffic crash was sentenced Monday to nine years in prison.

Madison man convicted of traffic homicide of pedestrian after inhaling air duster (WI): A Madison man struck and killed a pedestrian on a virtually empty Far East Side street last year after inhaling aerosol air duster.

Man seriously burned while huffing when aerosol ignites (TN): An Ashland City man is in the hospital with serious burns after police say the cleaning product he was huffing ignited.

Rialto passes unique nitrous oxide ordinance aimed at protecting youth: Rialto has become the first city in the nation to pass an ordinance which bans the sale or distribution of nitrous oxide in the city in an effort to keep the popular inhalant out of the hands of young people and teens.

Traffic accidents caused by VSA occurred in VA, TX and WY while other VSA-associated arrests took place in FL, KYMD, NCNY, NY and TX.


Teenager dies in glue-sniffing fight in Sharjah: A 16-year-old Arab boy died two days after a physical fight fuelled by sniffing glue with friends who have since been arrested, an official at Sharjah Police told Gulf News on Monday.


Boy, 12, may have permanent brain damage after he 'drank a large amount of alcohol and inhaled a deadly cocktail of household chemicals' (QLD): Boy, 12, could be suffering a permanent brain injury from drinking alcohol. Police believe he may also have been 'chroming', inhaling chemicals.

Gas sniffing and lead poisoning may be causing indigenous suicides across generations: Toronto researchers: It was 1973, and federal epidemiologist Dr. John Davies was concerned by what he saw among northwestern Ontario’s aboriginal population.


70,000 children habituated to drugs, reveals 1st major government survey on Delhi's street kids: "Initiation of drug, tobacco as well as inhalants use started at 9 years of age. Cannabis and alcohol use started a little at about 11 years of age. Even substances such as heroin or opium started at the young age of 12-13 years of age", reads the report.


Investigation sought on Tagbilaran’s ‘rugby boys’: The problem of street children who sniff the solvent rugby has drawn the attention of Bohol officials.