Monday, January 23, 2017

VSA Headlines - January 2017

Public Health England published the latest NDTMS data on the number of young people in England in treatment services for substance misuse. The number was up from 357 young people being treated for 'solvents' in 2014/15 to 441 in 2015/16. The average age had risen from 14 to 15 years old. VSA accounted for 3% of all young people in treatment (up from 2% the previous year) but 10% of young people under the age of 13 (up from 6.75%).

At the moment there is no prevalence data available for 2015, but the annual Smoking, drinking and drug use among young people in England report has been showing a reduction in the use of 'glue, gas, aerosols and solvents' among 11-15 year-olds - from 3.6% in 2012 and 2013 to 2.9% in 2014.

It's to be hoped that the increased number of young people in treatment is a positive reflection that more young people are coming forward for help and support, rather than there being an increase in prevalence. We look forward to the findings of the 2016 Smoking, drinking and drug use report when it is published later this year.

Re-Solv's helpline number is 01785 810762, text/whatsapp 07496 959930.

Other headlines this month include:


Study of two solvents links on-the-job exposure to head and neck cancer in women: Occupational exposure to chlorinated solvents perchloroethylene and trichloroethylene may increase the risk of head and neck cancer in women. See BMJ Open.

Aston Villa star filmed 'inhaling hippy crack in club shirt' just HOURS after FA Cup tie: AstonVilla striker Aaron Tshibola has appeared to film himself inhaling "hippy crack" from a balloon just hours after his team was dumped out of the FA Cup by Spurs.

New 'laughing gas' alert as hundreds of cannisters are dumped in car park: Groups are gathering on an industrial estate to inhale the potentially lethal nitrous oxide, also known as 'laughing gas'.


Jury finds huffing man guilty (CA): A jury convicted a Chula Vista man Wednesday of gross vehicular manslaughter in the death of a 9-year-old girl in 2010 in a case involving “huffing”.

Long wait for cause of death (IN): Details likely won’t be known for weeks about why a Craigville man died hours after reportedly huffing aerosol dusting spray and being shocked with a Taser stun gun.

Silicon Valley star is sued for allegedly 'hitting' private driver after 'inhaling laughing gas: Silicon Valley star TJ Miller allegedly attacked his private driver during a heated argument about Donald Trump after inhaling 'laughing gas'.

Traffic accidents caused by VSA occurred in NE, NY, PA and PE while other VSA-associated arrests took place in NHPA, PA and SC.


Boy, 12, dies after inhaling lighter fluid for fire-breathing video stunt to raise money for struggling mum.