Monday, November 28, 2016

VSA Headlines - November 2016


Tragedy of dedicated care worker, 33, who died sniffing hairspray: Pathologists later determined she had experienced sudden sniffing death syndrome (SSDS) after inhaling a number of cans of the aerosol.

Radio 4's The Untold follows the story of a young man who had experimented with gas as a child - Some Mother's Son: Grace Dent follows listener Shirley as she finds out more about how her estranged son died.

Motorcyclists gearing up as third annual Action on Addiction ride confirmed: Organiser John Bramble, from Chickerell, launched the event in memory of his son Craig who he sadly lost to solvent abuse in 2001.


Home evacuated as intruder 'huffs' gasoline (IN): Members of a Winchester family had to briefly evacuate their home after an unwelcome guest “huffed” gasoline in their basement.

Ephrata man charged for huffing, passing out in judge's office with child (PA): An Ephrata man was charged with endangering the welfare of a child after being found unresponsive in the lobby of Magisterial District Judge Tony S. Russell's office Friday morning.

Screamer was huffing canned air (MP): A woman who was heard screaming inside a house Thursday turned out to be huffing canned air.

Huffing charge for Walmart shoplifter (NJ): A Berkeley man is facing shoplifting charges after allegedly boosting two cans of compressed air, getting high on one of them and then taking a tumble inside a bathroom.

Man arrested after stealing, huffing Ultra Duster from Wal-Mart (OR): A Roseburg man was arrested Tuesday afternoon after he was caught stealing Ultra Duster, an aerosol cleaning product, and later found huffing the product inside his vehicle.

Driving offences caused by VSA were reported in FL, LA, MO, NCOH and a fatality in MI.


JD and the Sunshine Band make music from the margins: In 2013, the band formed as part of the Solvent User’s Recreation Project (SURP) at Sunshine House, a drop-in and resource centre.


NSW woman jailed over 'butane' stabbing: A woman who stabbed her sleeping partner with a kitchen knife while she was high on butane has been jailed for at least 14 months.

Petrol stations change fuel to take high away from petrol sniffing: Low aromatic fuel will be rolled out at Mount Isa service stations to stem the rise of petrol sniffing in the western Queensland town.


Glue sniffing addict attacks relatives, three seriously injured: A family of three sustained serious injuries after a relative, believed to be under the influence of alcohol and glue vapors, ran amok at their home in Kampung Belangsat, near Limbang, today.


Teen falls to death during 'laughing gas' session: A 13-year-old boy fell to his death from an HDB block in an accident when he was having a "laughing gas'' session with two classmates.


Inhalant usage on rise among children: National survey finds alcohol and tobacco use also high among children in Kerala.

Children getting addicted to sniffing toxic glue (Odisha): In a shockingly revelation, several street children and school students in the capital have been found to be addicted to inhaling synthetic rubber based adhesives as they contain chemicals which act like intoxicants.