Thursday, March 24, 2016

VSA Headlines - March 2016

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In the meantime, the latest VSA and other 'legal high' headlines include:


Poppers escape ban on legal highs: Liquid chemical drug – alkyl nitrites – wins last-minute exclusion from law that comes into force next month.

The poppers ban: will it criminalise gay users? More than 2m bottles of poppers are sold legally every year – and Yorkshire is the centre of the trade. How is one factory preparing for the ban?

Man has distorted vision after inhaling poppers: A 52-year-old man developed distorted vision after inhaling poppers for the first time. (See BMJ Case Reports.)

Nitrous oxide could disrupt formation of traumatic memories: Nitrous oxide administered after a traumatic event may help to prevent distressing memories from ‘sticking’ in the brain, suggests new UCL research.

Other 'legal highs'

Devastated mum gives warning to other parents after her son overdoses on legal high: A heartbroken mum has issued a warning to parents after her son died taking legal highs delivered to him in the mail.

Morecambe man dies after taking 'legal high': A man has died after taking a so-called legal high in Lancashire, police have said.

Man killed by legal high overdose after twisted dealer told paramedics he was just drinking tea: A man was killed by a legal high overdose after his dealer told paramedics they had just been drinking tea.

Mother who lost son to legal highs welcomes QUB test to fast-track identification of drugs: The mother of a teenager who died after taking so-called legal highs has welcomed a new 'fast track' method of identifying the drugs, which has been developed by experts at Queen's University, Belfast (QUB).

Number of 'legal highs' soaring, warns United Nations body: International Narcotics Control Board says more than 600 new psychoactive substances were reported around the world last year, a rise of 55 per cent

Mental health units see 'significant rise' in psychotic episodes due to legal highs (East Riding): "Inpatient units are seeing a significant increase in people presenting with psychotic symptoms, low mood and suicidal thoughts following use of legal highs.

Britain's legal high ban to be explored in new BBC documentary: On the night before the government bans legal highs, the film will follow those who sell, take and deal the substances.

Big fall in 'legal high' emergencies in Newcastle: The number of emergency incidents involving so-called legal highs to have more than halved in just one month in Newcastle, according to figures released this morning.

Why new law banning all psychoactive substances will be just another ‘war on drugs’ disaster: The recent passing of a new addition to the British statute books, which will come into effect on April 6th, is the latest in a long line of poorly drafted drug laws.

'People will use harder drugs': legal high users on the impact of law changes: This April all legal highs will be outlawed. We hear from those who take these substances about what this could mean


Gasoline Huffing Caused Teen Death (IL):  The report says huffing gasoline lead to an accidental fire that claimed the life of [the] 19-year-old, and severely burned his 17-year-old brother.

New Sharon man dies while huffing with cigarette (ME): A fire that killed a New Sharon man on Tuesday likely began when a cigarette ignited fumes from an aerosol can, state fire investigators said.

Huffing: The drug abuse problem hiding in plain sight (NV): It's the substance abuse problem most teens know about, but about which parents are often unaware.