Thursday, February 25, 2016

VSA Headlines - February 2016


17-year-old boy dies after inhaling aerosol cans in his bedroom: A teenager died after inhaling aerosol cans in his bedroom, an inquest heard.

Tragic death of 33-year-old Northamptonshire woman from lighter fuel abuse: A 33-year-old Northamptonshire woman who waved goodbye to her boyfriend on a summer's morning was discovered dead 10 hours later from lighter fuel abuse.

John riding to Exmouth in memory of tragic son: A man from Dorset is again riding from Weymouth to Exmouth Queen’s Drive in April in memory of his much-loved son [who] died in 2001 from solvent abuse.

Glue-sniffing ‘Toxic Terry’ finds God and cleans up his life: He explains: “I didn’t try solvents until I was 25. It was all the rage in the 80s. My friends at that time were all doing it. It was just that buzz I got into. But I couldn’t stop.”

UK's biggest poppers manufacturer vows to fight legal high ban on product he's made for 35 years: John Addy decided to talk after Tory MP Crispin Blun gained nationwide attention by admitting in a Commons debate he used poppers.

Catering firm Toon Whip 'selling nitrous oxide as party drug': A Newcastle catering company is selling nitrous oxide as a recreational drug which has been linked to deaths, rather than for whipping cream as advertised, a BBC investigation has found.

Other 'legal highs'

Man dies, three hospitalised after taking legal high Spice on Friday: All four were thought to have taken the same strain of the laboratory-created cannabis substitute known as "Spice".

Professor Green: Hidden and Homeless: Professor Green sets out to discover the modern face of homelessness, changing our perceptions of who the homeless are and the harsh reality of their lives.

Catching up with legal highs: A team of British and Australian scientists has combined two spectroscopy techniques to rapidly identify new psychoactive substances from police drug seizures.

Legal high lesson to be rolled out across schools: Classes delivered to 11 and 12 year old school pupils about the dangers of legal highs are being rolled out across Wales this month.

Plan to tackle legal high use in Bury: Professionals from across the board recently met in Bury to discuss how best to combat and raise awareness of New Psychoactive Substances, and have now set up an early warning network which will allow the relevant authorities to respond appropriately to any drug-related intelligence.

Shopkeeper fined in Scotland's first legal-high conviction: The 26-year-old was charged with breaching product safety regulations after he failed to produce necessary documents to trading standards officers.

Legal highs ban in Lincoln 'not working': Charity workers in Lincoln claim the legal highs ban which was introduced in the city just under a year ago is not making any difference.

Prison officers 'hallucinate and go hysterical' after inhaling inmates' legal highs: "... officers at the jail have become disoriented when they inadvertently breathed in the drug Spice, which prisoners had been smoking.'


Driver in fatal collision high on inhalant (OH): A man who was driving more than 100 mph on I-70 in Madison County when he killed a war veteran in a head-on crash had bought a can of compressed air at a nearby Walmart minutes before and was inhaling it to get high while driving, authorities say.

Other driving incidents are reported in CA and OK.

San Juan Narcotics Unit Investigating Inhalant Abuse (TX): “The number one abused drug right now is inhalants”.


8-year-old girl dies after inhaling helium from birthday balloon in Kiryat Ata: Paramedics arrived at the the family's home to discover the girl unconscious.


Don’t sniff at Opal solution (NT): The introduction of low aromatic fuel to Katherine and Tennant Creek is an important step in the fight against petrol sniffing.

Govt looks to tackle petrol sniffing: The federal government plans to ban sniffable fuel at petrol stations in several rural areas, with Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion keen on a nationwide roll-out.

Marel C, MacLean S, Midford R (2015) Review of volatile substance use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet.


Substance abuse led to Malad boy’s death? (Mumbai) The recent death of a 15-year-old boy, who was given to substance abuse, has highlighted the danger that such behaviour poses to the young generation and the urgent need to address this problem.