Friday, January 29, 2016

VSA Headlines - January 2016


Teenage boy died from excessive deodorant use, inquest finds: The troubled 16-year-old, who was weeks away from starting college, died from the effects of butane gas inhalation.

UK ban on poppers could have disastrous health consequences for MSM: As the myopic Psychoactive Substances Bill nears being waved through Parliament and into law, the future of alkyl nitrites - or, poppers - hangs in the balance, with the proposed ban set to have devastating consequences for some men who have sex with men.

Tory MP declares ‘I use poppers’ as he warns Government not to ban legal high: Crispin Blunt, a former minister, ‘outed’ himself as a poppers user in the House of Commons as MPs debated whether to exempt the substance from a list of banned drugs. Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham MP is leading calls to exempt poppers from the legislation.

Poppers manufacturer 'will fight' legal high ban: A man who makes two million bottles of the popper recreational drug a year says he will fight plans to ban them.

Analysis undertaken of 'legal high' use in Runcorn and Widnes: Halton Council report said there is a 'cultural trend' of nitrous oxide use

Mum jailed for allowing sex abuse of three Plymouth daughters: [One daughter had] resorted to solvent abuse to block out the memories.

Motorcyclists all geared up for addiction charity fundraiser: Organiser John Bramble, from Chickerell, launched the event in memory of his son Craig who he lost to solvent abuse in November 2001.

Other 'legal highs'

The “brilliant” dad of four who went “off the rails” to become Lincoln’s first legal highs death: The sister of a Lincoln father-of-four who is believed to be the city's first legal highs death has paid tribute to her "amazing brother".

Supplier of pills which killed Liverpool man avoid charges because they were correctly labelled: Deadly pills which killed a Liverpool student were not sold to him criminally because they were correctly labelled as not fit for human consumption, police say.

Legal Highs Bill Is “Stupid And Scientifically Illiterate”, Says Parliamentary Motion: An MP has submitted a startlingly brutal early day motion in parliament calling the government’s new psychoactive substances bill “one of the stupidest, most dangerous and unscientific pieces of drugs legislation ever.” Read the Early Day Motion here.

How the UK's Legal High Ban Will Harm Users and Help Dealers: Around 15 months ago, the main head shop in Blackburn, England stopped selling legal highs ... Virtually overnight, however, the shop's legal high trade had been incorporated into the business of a local gang of class A drug dealers.

Why death in a French clinical trial should make 'legal high' users think twice: This death—in a closely-monitored clinical setting—should serve as a warning, both to legal high users and to legislators.

Legal high abuse ambulance calls soar in South East: The number of 999 calls made in the South East over the abuse of so-called legal highs has soared.

Cops ban sale of legal highs: The crackdown comes as the emergency services received reports of 20 'legal high' incidents in the Potteries in just four days – with seven ambulances sent to a Stoke hostel on Saturday night.

Wise to Highs: New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) are a source of debate. Katie Boyden investigates the dangers and how one local council is fighting back

Campaigns against legal highs are reported in Newcastle and Jersey.


Orlando lobbyist died from inhaling drug: A prominent Florida lobbyist and lawyer, died in October. His death has been ruled accidental after an autopsy showed he died after inhaling a drug similar to poppers.

In drug death trial, defense witnesses testify to Unity man's narcotic use: [He] might have succumbed to toxic chemicals from “huffing” aerosol substances,

Teen severely burned after huffing gasoline in a garage (MO): Franklin County Captain Charles Subke says the teens mother ran out to save her son and put out the flames while his clothes were still on fire.


Leaded fuel ban in Tennant Creek will fight petrol sniffing, says minister: Federal Indigenous affairs minister Nigel Scullion announces ban on sale of leaded fuel in NT’s Barkly district, praising low-aromatic fuel as ‘silver bullet’.

Chroming habit in Townsville adds to thefts: Townsville Hospital’s emergency department treated 20 patients 30 times as a result of inhaling solvents including deodorant, petrol, glue, paint and air fresheners.


Children in fire were sniffing fly spray: Four children badly burned after a car they were in caught fire in the backyard of a Huntly house were sniffing fly spray, police have confirmed.

Face huffing problem - Drug Foundation: The Government can't pretend any longer that the huffing problem doesn't exist, says the Drug Foundation.


Whitener, adhesive abuse rampant among children (Kerala): The death of a student on Koduvakkonam estate in Peerumade taluk has brought to light a cheap way of getting into a state of intoxication that would create severe health problems. T


Tribal children paid for work with alcohol and glue to sniff, suggests report: A new Survival International report has found that market traders in the Republic of Congo ply children from the Bayaka tribe with glue, in exchange for cleaning out latrines- a basic toilet.