Thursday, December 17, 2015

VSA Headlines - Nov/Dec 2015

The Global Drug Survey 2016 has launched and you can take part here. If you haven't seen already, there are also some really interesting findings from last year, including this on nitrous oxide.


Firm sentenced after worker dies after inhaling paint stripper: An employer has been fined after a worker died after inhaling fumes while cleaning a chemical stripping paint tank at a motor vehicle repair company

Other 'legal highs'

Man in Bedford dies after taking 'legal high' drug: A man has died after taking a synthetic cannabis substitute called "Spice" in Bedford, police said.

Family tribute to man killed by best friend while high on drugs: A family has paid tribute to a young musician who was killed by his best friend who had taken a previously legal high.

New psychoactive substance banned under temporary power: Minister for Policing, Crime, Criminal Justice and Victims announces Methiopropamine (MPA) to be banned.

Investigation launched into dangers of 'legal highs' after Manchester sees a huge rise in use: Manchester Metropolitan University academics are to carry out a major new piece of research for the town hall amid growing concerns.

Legal Highs: A Heart (North East) News Investigation.

Project aims to educate Newcastle youngsters about dangers of using legal highs: As city leaders work to clamp down on the legal high epidemic, anti-drug campaigners are working with young people to educate them about the dangerous habit

Prisons chief warns of legal high surge: The outgoing chief inspector of prisons has said there is "no doubt" jails have deteriorated in the five years he has been in the role. See also: Legal high addiction in prison has 'seven-fold' increase and Prisoners' use of legal highs 'puts severe strain on ambulance services'.

Hundreds of patients attending A&E after taking ‘legal highs’: Details obtained by The Scotsman show more than 600 people have been seen by Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments since 2011.

New test for Spice legal high will be 'game changer', says prison minister: Ministry of Justice will be able to detect prisoners using the synethic drug from early next year.

Eton College funds research into why young people take psychoactive 'legal highs': Eton College is funding research into what motivates young people to take so-called “legal highs”, with the aim of improving its drug education strategies.

Thync carefully: mood-altering tech is coming: “With a new technology called Thync, you can now change how you’re feeling at the touch of a button.”


GardaĆ­ unable to pursue 'legal high' prosecutions even if linked to cases of death: Gardai are unable to pursue prosecutions for the sale and possession of some ‘legal highs’ even if they have been linked deaths, according to a senior Garda in the National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau.


Gay Atlanta adult entertainer died from huffing: A 25-year-old gay Atlanta man and adult entertainer found dead in a Midtown hotel room died after huffing cleaning solvent.

PA police chief charged for alleged "huffing" while on duty (PA): A Pennsylvania police chief has been charged for huffing while on duty.

Dubois mom turns in son for alleged huffing (IN): The Jasper Police Department made a drug-related arrest late Sunday night after receiving a call from a concerned parent.

Bond set at $500,000 for Scottsbluff man facing murder charge (NE): [He] allegedly got into an argument over car keys in the 200 block of East Overland on November 16th after ... drinking all day and huffing ...

Supernatural series raises awareness of inhalant abuse (LA): Author and Hammond resident Stacie S. Triche has been using her supernatural “Concealed Names” series as a means to raise awareness for inhalant abuse, which her nephew died from.

Traffic accidents and fatalities caused by VSA reported in FLIN, MD, OH, OR (nitrous oxide), WA and WI.


Sniffing spike in Galiwinku after contractors working on cyclone recovery import aerosol cans (NT): Contractors importing aerosol sprays for the reconstruction of cyclone-battered Indigenous community Galiwinku has led to a "spike" in sniffing, according to Northern Territory police.


16-year-old boy dies after inhaling lighter gas: A 16-year-old boy died after inhaling butane gas used in a lighter while in a park with friends in Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture, police said Sunday.

Laughing gas crackdown looms over recreational use as drug: Authorities are moving to crack down on laughing gas (nitrous oxide) as a recreational drug because it is becoming easier to obtain through online sales of bicycle tire inflators, which normally use carbon dioxide.