Thursday, October 08, 2015

VSA Headlines - Sept/Oct 2015

This was the first year Re-Solv participated in Recovery Month. What a brilliant September and a big THANK YOU to all the event organisers. Drink & Drug News have posted a great round-up of Recovery Month 2015.


14-year-old boy died after he inhaled lighter gas during caravan holiday: Garda Eoin Culligan, who attended the scene, said that he discovered a can of butane gas, of the type used to refill lighters, next to where the boy's body had been discovered.


Coroner records accidental death after man died from laughing gas inhalation: A young Hereford man died after inhaling a chemical commonly known as laughing gas, an inquest heard.

York launches green solvent service: Scientists at the University of York have launched a service to design and produce environmentally friendly solvents for industrial purposes.

Other legal highs

Student found dead in halls after taking legal high: An inquest has heard how a student was found dead in a bedroom at a Plymouth University halls-of-residence after taking a "legal high".

Inmate died after smoking legal high 'Spice' in Liverpool prison HMP Altcourse: A report into the death last year revealed the 24-year-old smoked the synthetic cannabis only hours before his death.

Proposed blanket ban on legal highs criticised by MPs: Report published by home affairs committee accuses ministers of trying to rush bill through parliament before proposals can be properly evaluated.

Council workshops hope to end 'legal high' abuse: The Safer NPT partnership is aiming to ensure that lessons around legal highs are not learned the hard way by organising workshops for parents on the topic.

The Deadly World of Legal Highs: BBC Scotland investigates the multi-million pound world of the legal high trade.

Deaths involving legal highs rise to 114 last year from just four in 2009: [Scottish] stats for 2014/15 show 114 deaths where legal highs had been taken and Holyrood's Community Safety Minister says it is "unacceptable" such substances are being legally sold on high streets.

Legal highs: Call to investigate link to prison deaths: The Prison Officers' Association (POA) has written to the chief coroner for England and Wales asking him to investigate the link between prisoner deaths and so-called legal highs.

Legal high 'plague' at Portland Prison, report reveals: Portland prison has been hit by a widespread 'plague' of legal highs which has led to a criminal network and inmates' families targeted on the outside, a damning report has revealed.

Six ambulances a day on 'legal high' callouts: Ambulances were called out on average six times a day to deal with cases involving so-called legal highs last year, a BBC Scotland investigation has found. See also, for England, Paramedics 'baffled' by legal highs, as police incidents rise and a feature on Radio 1's Newsbeat.

Newcastle University professor says legal high users are making themselves 'human guinea pigs': Newcastle University’s Prof Simon Thomas is (a director of the National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) issues stark warning about dangers opf new drugs menace not even tested on animals.

Nottingham prisoner smuggled £29k of legal highs into HMP Stocken: Police are investigating how drugs worth an estimated £29,000 were smuggled between two jails during the transfer of a prisoner.

Shocking video shows man collapse after taking substance: Cheshire Police has issued legal notices against three city centre shops to stop them selling legal highs as they released a shocking video showing a man collapsing after apparently having taken one of the substances.

I Walked Around Bestival Asking to Test People's Drugs: Landing on the Isle of Wight, I jumped in a cab with two guys from London. We were all on our way to Bestival, the last big British festival of the summer, and my fare-sharers were obviously anticipating a big one, having each taken a couple of pills before crossing the Solent.

On a high: why Britain is back on ecstasy: Ecstasy, along with its dance music soundtrack, is enjoying a resurgence with a new generation of clubbers. Are they responding to the crackdown on legal highs or the fact that the quality of the drug is better than ever?

First Lincoln 'legal high' ban prosecutions successful: The first two people have been prosecuted for ignoring Lincoln City Council’s ban on ‘legal highs’.

‘It’s no laughing matter’: Southwater police in nitrous oxide campaign: Police volunteers in Southwater have produced a poster raising awareness of the dangers of legal high nitrous oxide.


Woman's death may be linked to computer cleaner (DE): A new trend in substance abuse may be to blame for the death of a 27-year-old Delaware woman in Murfreesboro Saturday night.

Man caught huffing in Wal-Mart restroom dies of cardiac arrest (WA): A 29-year-old man who had repeatedly been caught inhaling fumes from stolen cans of compressed air cans in Kitsap County died after police found him inhaling the substance in Poulsbo.

Huffing can be fatal (KS): On a Friday evening in 2013, things changed for John. He was at a friend's house and a can of compressed air changed everything for him.

Patterns of Inhalant Use among Incarcerated Youth: Inhalant use is especially prevalent among antisocial youth and can have serious health consequences. However, the extant literature has not investigated how use of various inhalants may co-occur among incarcerated youth. This study begins to address this gap in the literature.

Concert to raise money for anti-huffing awareness (VA): That’s the message a committee of community leaders and public school students have been working to spread since Andrew Bailey Spencer collapsed and died at his home in Blacksburg last year from a practice known as “huffing.”

Madison police say suspect was 'huffing' before fatal crash (WI): Man was inhaling fumes from a computer cleaning spray while driving

Hamilton mother sentenced for giving kids alcohol, inhalants (MT): A Hamilton woman who pleaded guilty to proving alcohol to a minor and inhaling canned air with her children has been sentenced to 10 years in prison with five years suspended

'Happening too often': Drivers high on cleaning products (MI): In the last few months, authorities have responded to car accidents caused by people getting high off cleaning products.

‘Inhalant-abusing’ mom battles billionaire ex to see her kid (NY): A former model — who hasn't been able to speak to her daughter since the child’s billionaire father showed a Manhattan judge video of his ex inhaling a can of Dust-Off spray to get high — is headed for a bruising trial in an effort to get her little girl back.


Huffing propane can kill you, Nunavut coroner warns: Young Pond Inlet man, 19, dies after inhaling propane.

Huff playwright Cliff Cardinal on solvent abuse: "a scary subculture that nobody wants to talk about": Cardinal's award-winning 2012 show explores life on the margins


Logan police work with retailers in an attempt to stop youths abusing volatile substances in the area (QLD): Logan police have worked with retailers in order to ­remove the active ingredient that gives glue sniffers a high, a leading police officer in the region says.


Other legal highs

'Matter of time' till legal highs back on shelves: In 2013, the New Zealand Government introduced game-changing and world-leading legislation designed to tackle the legal highs industry. A year later, under a wave of public pressure, psychoactive substances were pulled from the shelves. However, next month players in the industry can take their first tentative steps back into the marketplace. Timothy Brown reports on what the future holds.


Concern over sale of volatile substances: The Government should put in place regulations that will stop hardware retailers and other traders from selling volatile substances to minors.


Rescued minors back to sniffing rugby: A day after the 45 minors, who were rounded up under the bridge in Barangays Mabolo and Banilad last Friday night, were released, some of them were spotted slipping back into their old habits--sniffing rugby.


Destitute kids fall into glue-sniffing trap: Sniffing of glue or adhesives, cycle-tube solutions of different brands and other volatile solvents is on the rise among children belong to very poor families, vagabonds, orphans and the homeless.