Thursday, August 27, 2015

VSA Headlines - August 2015


Tragedy of Stanley teen who died after inhaling deodorant: A police officer with more than two decades of experience investigating sudden deaths described the loss of a teenager’s life due to solvent abuse as a tragedy at an inquest.

Spurned lover jailed after setting fire to his own clothes: Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard the relationship had deteriorated after [his partner] found out he had been sniffing gas.

Nitrous oxide campaigners take drug outside UK parliament in protest at bill: About 100 people attend a mass inhalation against psychoactive substances bill, which would criminalise sale and supply of ‘nox’ and other drugs. (Re-Solv's statement, quoted in this article, voices the "fear that the growing use of nitrous oxide may inadvertently normalise the inhalation of gases to achieve a high, possibly leading to increased misuse of butane.")

V Festival: Police seize more than 17,000 canisters of nitrous oxide in 'legal high' crackdown

Medical spray is new fix: Youngsters warned off taking deadly legal high: Youngsters have been warned off using a potentially deadly new legal high available online.


Increase in numbers sniffing gas: Warnings are being issued regarding the life-threatening danger of inhaling butane gas — with drug agencies noticing a resurgence in recent years.

‘Deeply worrying’ increase in people huffing butane in Dublin city centre: It’s widely and cheaply available – but can lead to fits, short term memory loss and in some cases sudden death.

'Legal Highs'

Paramedics see increase in patients who have taken legal highs. Paramedics in the West Midlands say they have seen an increase in the number of call-outs to patients who have taken so-called ‘legal highs’. West Midlands Ambulance Service today released figures for 999 calls they have received across the area where the legal high ‘black mamba’ is mentioned. In April, they received eight black mamba calls, in May, nine, in June, 20, July, 29 and August, 39 so far. (BBC report states that W. Mids "call-outs to people suffering seizures and hallucinations after taking a former "legal high" have quadrupled".)

Tragedy as disabled woman dies after taking legal high 'Black Mamba': Inquest told [she] was found at home by her partner after taking 'synthetic' drug.

Man died after taking a now-banned legal high 'Banshee Dust' and trying to throw himself through a window: A coroner has welcomed the fact a legal high which was associated with a Swansea man's death has been banned.

Death of Morriston man leads to legal high ban call by Swansea coroner: Aled Gruffydd, assistant coroner in Swansea, urged action over ethylphenidate, which users inject, following an inquest into the death.

Preston mum speaks out against legal highs which killed her son: In June 2009 Aileen Worswick suffered every mum’s worst nightmare.

Heartbroken Bangor mum tortured by son’s ‘legal high’ drug death: A heartbroken mum who blames legal highs for the death of her 17-year-old son has spoken of her pain at being unable to help him in his final moments.

Babies are ‘hooked on legal highs’: “We are seeing a number of babies born that are demonstrating withdrawal symptoms very quickly after birth and for extended periods of time,” said temporary chief inspector Lindsey Stamp.

Jordan Blackburn issues photo of himself in induced coma to show dangers of legal highs. The 20-year-old had been hospitalised after taking legal highs at Kendal Calling.

Newcastle legal high dealers 'could be pushed under ground' after council bans traders, says shop owner: Jacob Ideala, one of three city businesses ordered to stop selling legal highs, says the substances could end up in the hands of the wrong people


Woman found dead in her car in Walmart parking lot (FL): A woman from Archer died in a parking lot after police say she inhaled several cans of dust cleaner.

Book promoters film trailer at park: It is dedicated to Triche’s nephew, Charles, who died young from inhalant abuse. All profits from the book, which is one of four in a series, will go to promote inhalant abuse awareness in schools.

Driver high on inhalants gets 12 years in jail for injuring two in crash at fast-food restaurant (NJ).

Driver strikes house after allegedly “huffing” (MA): A driver hit a house Sunday night demolishing a handicap ramp and causing the front porch roof to collapse.


Retailers ready for next high: The Otago Daily Times has been told more Dunedin dairies are selling small quantities of legal, non psychoactive products, in anticipation of a psychoactive product being approved for sale.


Dendrite addiction among street kids becoming great concern for Siliguri (West Bengal): Public places under the Siliguri Municipal Corporation area including bus terminuses, railway stations and parks have become a safe haven for street children to sniff Dendrite and take drugs.