Wednesday, July 29, 2015

VSA Headlines - July 2015

Tavistock teenager dies after inhaling butane gas with addict she met on Facebook: a teenage girl died of butane gas inhalation while with her addict boyfriend who she met on Facebook, an inquest has heard.

Young people warned about dangers of inhaling laughing gas after death of 22-year-old: The warning comes after a Brighton student's death was linked to the use of nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas.

Teenager dies ‘after taking laughing gas’ at party in south-east London: Police believe 18-year-old Ally Calvert, who died in hospital after suffering cardiac arrest, had taken nitrous oxide at party in Bexley. Further comment by Marina Clayton of Re-Solv on BBC Radio Scotland (at 1hr 17 mins).

Exeter parents warned as children as young as 11 risk lives in aerosol craze: A city-wide warning to parents has been issued by Exeter police over the rising use of dangerous deodorant body spray fumes to get ‘high’ by children as young as 11.

Fife father who lost his son to solvent abuse hopes to save others: A Fife father is demanding action on solvent abuse as he renews campaigning following the death of his son.

Oil worker caught sniffing gas in car fined and banned from driving: An oil worker who was caught sniffing gas in his car by police has been banned from driving and fined £450.

Bereaved mother leads school campaign to raise awareness of dangers of 'laughing gas': A mother whose son died after inhaling laughing gas has thanked the school she works at for helping to raise awareness of the dangers of the drug.

Drugs for breakfast: Glastonbury crowd abuse legal highs openly at festival: Pictures showed people passed out under foil blankets and groups of people waking up to inhale nitrous oxide balloons.

Lambeth cracks down on laughing gas by banning legal highs: A London council is cracking down on laughing gas by banning the use and supply of legal highs in public areas across the whole borough.

Marnie Simpson 'deeply regrets' inhaling laughing gas on Snapchat post: A spokesperson has explained the Geordie Shore star wasn't aware of the dangers beforehand

Other legal highs

Family warning after two Norfolk legal high deaths: The family of a Norfolk man, who died after taking a legal high, have issued a desperate plea to others to stay away from the substances.

'Legal highs' linked to a number of prison deaths: The use of so-called legal highs has been a factor in at least 19 prisoner deaths between 2012 and 2014, a new report has revealed.

Internal injuries from legal highs resemble those suffered in car crashes: Legal highs users are being admitted to the north-east’s biggest hospital with internal injuries as severe as those suffered by car crash victims.

Violence, suicide threats and terrified children: Legal high police call-outs rocket 10-fold and many relate to children.

How much do you know about legal highs? Swansea awareness event hits the streets.

Angelus Launches New Legal Highs Education Film ‘Vortex’: The Angelus Foundation, the British charity dedicated to raising awareness of ‘legal highs’, has launched a new film warning of the dangers of taking these new psychoactive substances (NPS).

Legal highs: Students speak out on Government's upcoming 'blanket ban' and Psychoactive Substances Bill

Empty laughing gas cannisters turned into art in Salford to warn teenagers of the dangers of nitrous oxide: Police officers have teamed up with Salford's Salix Homes and Beechfarm Residents Association to find a novel use for the nitrous oxide cylinders.


Aerosol addiction teen in custody for his own safety: A 16-year-old boy, who has possible suicidal ideation and who is addicted to aerosols, has been remanded in custody “for his own protection” even though the law does not allow for incarceration for the sole reason of self-protection, a children’s court in Kerry has heard.


Gas huffing suspected in Gambell man's death in Anchorage park (AK): a talented Alaska Native carver, but one who suffered from a long history of huffing to get high.


Gas-huffing teens spark health warning in Eastern Townships: 13-year-old girl fell from bridge in gas-induced stupor, receiving concussion and facial fractures.


Mornington Council to remove all sniffables after outbreak among youth: A remote indigenous community in Queensland's Gulf of Carpentaria is calling for a ban on sniffable fuels because children as young as nine are getting high on the fuel.

Petrol stations refusing to convert fuel to address petrol sniffing issue: Petrol stations in three states are resisting increased pressure from the federal government to convert their fuel to a low-aromatic version to combat the issue of petrol sniffing, saying it is too expensive and unnecessary.


‘Save your kids from inhalant abuse’ (Uttar Pradesh): Keep solvents like nail polish removers, whiteners, spirit and petrol away from the reach of children for they may get attracted to it. That was the piece of advice de-addiction experts gave parents in the city on the eve of International Day Against Drug Abuse.

Concern Over Kids' Addiction to Sniffing Whitener (Tamil Nadu): Whitener addiction is on the rise among teens, mostly street children, in the Fort City area and has been so for years now, according to child welfare expert.