Monday, March 30, 2015

VSA Headlines - March 2015


Ban legal highs from music festivals, says Home Office: Organisers of summer festivals asked to bar the synthetic drugs along with 'laughing gas', or nitrous oxide

250 legal high canisters discovered in Southminster: Concerns have been raised after 250 empty legal high canisters were discovered during a Southminster litter pick.

Other 'legal highs'

Behind the scenes at one of Europe's only 'legal high' testing laboratory: In response to the growing trend, organisation the WEDINOS project (Welsh Emerging Drugs & Identification of Novel Substances) was set up in 2013 to help tackle the growing trend of new and emerging drugs.

Parklife 2015 festival-goers with 'legal highs' to be refused entry to event: The government isn't the only body cracking down on legal high drugs – Parklife organisers will confiscate and refuse entry to anyone caught with legal-high substances

Youngsters fight legal highs with film: Campaigners have welcomed the production of a documentary created by young people to highlight the dangers posed by Legal Highs.

NHS bosses ask shops to stop selling legal highs: NHS chiefs are calling on shops to stop selling legal highs to curb an “alarming” strain on health services.

Drugs Investigation - legal highs in Harrogate: We can now reveal the full 15-page investigation which has highlighted a surge in use of legal highs in Harrogate in recent months.

Cumbria drug advice service sees a rise in legal high use: Staff at west Cumbria’s Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service say that at least 20 per cent of the people who ask them for help have used potentially deadly substances which are often sold online as “plant food”.

MPs 'Putting Lives At Risk Over Legal Highs': Health experts say MPs have not made banning 'legal highs' a big enough priority despite 77% of the public wanting them outlawed.


Boy dies after inhaling aerosol computer keyboard cleaner (MS): A 14-year-old boy died Sunday near Kiln, Miss., after apparently inhaling aerosol computer keyboard duster, according to

Widow of man who died from huffing wants Nebraska retailers to abide by registry law (NE): For Julie Lange, the phone call she got on the eve of New Year’s Eve, tragically, wasn’t a surprise.

Parents urged to talk to kids about dangers of inhaling common household items:  It’s national poison awareness week and experts are urging parents to talk to kids about inhalant abuse.

Jonesboro police work second air duster related accident this month (AR): In this latest case, police say the driver hit a man and nearly ran over his two kids.

Couple 'huff' canned air, pass out in Walmart lot with 3-year-old in car, police say (MI):  With their 3-year-old daughter in the back seat, two parents "huffed" canned air to the point that they passed out, authorities allege.

Flagger hit by driver huffing behind the wheel (OR): A flagger working in a construction zone was hit by a car and critically injured on Wednesday afternoon.  Police arrested the driver who they say was huffing inhalants.

Spike in inhalant use catching GPD's attention (FL): Gainesville police are seeing a surge in the number of cases of people using a dangerous and somewhat obscure method of getting high.

Legally high? Teenagers and prescription drug abuse: While awareness of the dangers of illegal drugs has increased, many teens are still ignorant of the significant physical danger posed by legally prescribed drugs, according to a new study in Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.


Girl, 13, dies after sniffing deodorant (WA): Parents are being warned about the dangers of common aerosol deodorants containing butane after the death of a girl who police suspect deliberately inhaled the spray to get high.

NT Indigenous community galvanised to keep children out of care amid petrol sniffing outbreak: A fight is looming between a NT community where petrol sniffing is rife among kids and a government that has the power to forcibly remove children it deems at risk.

Ticking timebomb: why ice could be the new drug scourge of the outback (NT). The concern over a resurgence in volatile substance abuse – sniffing – is compounded by fears of another emerging drug problem: crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as ice.