Monday, February 23, 2015

VSA Headlines - February 2015


Smoking woman dies from aerosol burns in Edinburgh: A woman who burst into flames in an Edinburgh cafe after sniffing aerosols and smoking a cigarette has died.

Porter died in ‘relatively harmless’ experiment: An Aberystwyth Arts Centre porter ... was found in a technician’s room at the Arts Centre slumped over a stool with an aerosol can nearby.

East Surrey Hospital midwife struck off for inhaling laughing gas in delivery room: A midwife has been struck off after she admitted deliberately inhaling laughing gas in an East Surrey Hospital delivery room.

Can you help LOST go that extra mile in new campaign? The Lee O’Brien Solvent Trust has come up with a brand new concept to highlight its commitment to preventing drug deaths - and raise money at the same time.

Police warning over craze for inhaling potentially lethal 'laughing gas': The campaign is part on the ongoing Operation Nitrox – which was launched by the force last year to highlight the risks of so-called legal highs.

NO Russian roulette is no laughing matter say Broxbourne Police: Broxbourne Chief Inspector Dean Patient is concerned by the growing numbers of teenagers in Broxbourne who make recreational use of nitrous oxide (NO), better known as laughing gas.

Other legal highs

‘Legal highs’ incidents up more than 150 per cent in a year, say police: The number of police incidents involving ‘legal highs’ has almost trebled across England in a year, new figures obtained by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) reveal.

Legal highs 'getting stronger and more addictive': Josie Smith, from the Welsh drug testing agency Wedinos, said: "What we have found, certainly in the past year, is an increase in the strength of NPS [New psychoactive substances] drugs, not only the range of NPS that's on the market, but some of the substances.

Legal highs set to be banned in Lincoln city centre: A proposal to stop the use of the substances in public places under a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is expected to be approved on Monday evening. The ban would be the first of its kind in the country.


Mother shares heartbreak of daughter's huffing death (MO): Teen died after inhaling compressed air meant to clean dusty keyboards.

Man huffing gas severely burned (OH): A 20-year-old man suffered burns to about 65 percent of his body after a fire broke out while he was huffing gasoline in Middletown early Tuesday, authorities said.

Man Huffs Air Duster, Gets Frostbite and Breathing Problems (MI): A 40-year-old man in Michigan who intentionally inhaled three cans of compressed air to get high was rushed to a hospital, where doctors treated him for frostbite and significant swelling in his airway, according to a new report of his case.

Father works to stop deadly 'huffing' practice (CT): A local parent is speaking publicly about the deadly practice known as huffing, which he says is destroying his family.

Man crashes into car, has nitrous oxide containers, police say (FL): A man who caused a crash in Boca Raton had more than 40 containers of nitrous oxide gas typically used for whipped-cream dispensers, police said.


P.E.I. man jailed after inhaling compressed gas before driving: A man who was twice caught driving after huffing from cans of compressed air was sentenced Thursday to eight days in jail.


Legal highs

Auckland legal high hearings begin: "It is important to remember that the council cannot ban these substances, and this decision is about where the substances can be sold once they are licensed by Government."


Child star in coma after TV stunt goes wrong: A 12-year-old child singer was left in a coma after inhaling helium for a TV show.