Friday, November 28, 2014

VSA Headlines - November 2014


Grantham-born teenager died in tent after sniffing aerosol: A Grantham-born teenager died a “sad and untimely” death from sniffing aerosols inside a tent in Old Goole, Hull Coroners’ Court was told.

The UK government's new Guidance on restricting the supply of nitrous oxide for recreational use has now been published.

Nitrous oxide no laughing matter for Shoreditch police: Police are cracking down on “laughing gas” vendors in Shoreditch, after an anti-social behaviour act gave officers new powers.

Volunteers sought for local trust: The Lee O’Brien Solvent Trust (LOST) has made an appeal for more volunteers ahead of its AGM on November 6.

Legal highs

Also from the UK government this month:
Police issue warning over legal high injecting: Police and health officials have issued a warning over the dangers of injecting so-called legal highs after a spate of incidents involving “aggressive and chaotic behaviour”.

Inquest hears how lethal combination of AMT and Ecstasy caused death of medical student: A MEDICAL student died after taking a legal high that lethally combined with the banned drug Ecstasy, an inquest heard.

Coroner warns of dangers of ‘legal high’ drug: A ‘HAPPY’ man accidentally killed himself by taking an overdose of a legal drug he bought over the internet, an inquest has heard.

Cookstown man’s death linked to ‘lethal’ legal high overdose: The death of a Cookstown man has been linked to an overdose of what has been described as a ‘lethal’ legal high.

Legal highs linked to death of man at Devon bus station: LEGAL high paraphernalia was found in toilets at a Devon bus station where a man was found dead, it has been revealed.

Ban for 'legal high' Stimulant Serotoni linked to 20 deaths: A lethal 'legal high' that has killed 20 people in Northern Ireland and was compared to a serial killer on the loose by a coroner has finally been banned.

Small Towns Crap Drugs: Away from the UK’s cities, legal highs are becoming the scourge of small-town Britain. A Mixmag special report on how crap drugs are taking over

Attitude to ‘legal highs’ revealed: Almost 700 people took part in an anonymous survey to provide NHS Tayside with its most comprehensive information on the use of so-called legal highs.

Legal high sales 'may already be against law': Selling so-called legal highs could already be unlawful under existing legislation, a court has been told.

Lincoln legal high ban could be first in the country: New proposals banning people from taking legal highs in Lincoln city centre could be the first of its kind in the country.

Legal high crackdown day: Taunton police are to lead a day of community action to clean areas of the town blighted by abusers of so-called "legal high" psychoactive substances.


21-year-old dies from inhaling air duster can (MO): One Mid-Missouri woman says her 21-year-old son is dead after inhaling a compressed air duster can.

'Huffing' canned air caused Goshen woman's death, police say (IN): A 34-year-old Goshen woman died at IU Health Goshen Saturday after police reportedly found her inhaling canned air products in the parking lot of Wal-Mart.

Man was ‘huffing’ prior to fatal crash (OR): Police said a man who was killed during a crash in Southeast Portland Wednesday morning was “huffing” inhalants prior to the crash.

Murder trial will include disputed blood test (VT): Prosecutors and police said Spanos was huffing aerosol to get high and had passed out behind the wheel when he crashed into a row of cars.

Friend's Inhalant Death Led to Man's Arrest (FL): A 43-year-old Sarasota man faces criminal charges following the death of one of his friends.

Woman Found Guilty of Third Degree Murder after Huffing While Driving (PA): A Centre County woman has been found guilty of third degree murder after huffing a can of air duster.


Ghosts in the machine: Justice system unable to see, let alone deal with, chronic solvent abusers

Canadian youth pushed to despair in poverty-stricken indigenous community: “In Pikangikum, young girls (8-10) self-reported that as many as 27 per cent had tried sniffing gasoline. Exact numbers are unknown, and it is estimated that there are as many as 300 solvent-abusers in the community,” the study found.


Inhaling gas from helium balloons no laughing matter, it can kill: The gas industry is sending a stern warning against the fad after it was promoted by high profile celebrities like Morgan Freeman and the television show Talkin’ Bout Your Generation.


Legal highs

Meth use on rise after legal high ban: Former methamphetamine addicts in Palmerston North have gone back to using the drug since synthetic highs were made illegal, a Manawatu addiction service says.


A not-so-happy Children’s Day for them (Uttar Pradesh): As the nation celebrates Children's Day, rag pickers as young as 12 are addicted to solvents used as thinner for varnish and paints