Monday, October 27, 2014

VSA Headlines - October 2014


Murder inquiry teenager's death caused by gas inhalation: A teenager, whose death sparked a murder inquiry, suffered a heart attack after inhaling butane and propane gas, an inquest heard.

Director crashed Range Rover in Birmingham after sniffing legal high 'poppers': Kidderminster man admitted driving while unfit through drugs and possession of mephedrone.

Other legal highs

Legal highs warning after man found dead: A new warning has been issued on the dangers of so-called legal highs after a man was found dead at a Devon bus station.

Maryon Stewart Pleads with PM to Release Legal Highs Report: The founder of the Angelus Foundation, has called on the Prime Minister to release its report on ways of reducing the harm from legal highs.

‘Legal highs destroying young people’: Launch of the 'We Don't Take Drugs. . . Drugs Take Us!'  initiative, led by Divert Project, Dove House in partnership with Legal High Awareness.

Legal high party drugs are leading to increase in sexually transmitted diseases, warn experts: National Assembly committee told ahead of inquiry that Welsh councils should be given power to close down outlets that sell 'new psychoactive substances'.

One in Five Student Freshers Have Taken a Legal High Says Angelus Foundation Survey: The only British charity dedicated to raising awareness of legal highs, the Angelus Foundation, has carried out a snapshot survey of fresher students, which found 19% admitted to taking a legal high.

Legal highs need regulation, not an outright ban: Like many countries, the UK is currently working out how to deal with legal highs, or, to use the proper nomenclature, New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).

Larne charity launches petition seeking ban on legal highs: Preventing Addiction Larne (PAL) launched the petition on October 15, and within 24 hours had attracted 500 signatures.


The National Inhalant Prevention Coalition (NIPC) who support those whose lives are affected by VSA are this month asking people to "step up and help the NIPC maintain and continue its mission of saving lives and helping people make appropriate health choices". Donations can be made online at the NIPC homepage.

13-year-old dies from "huffing" (AL): [She] died last week after being found in the bathtub of her mother's home in Alabama.

Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak's autopsy shows accidental overdose, possibly huffing: The Texas medical examiner said the child star of 'The Patriot' and 'The Cider House Rules' died July 19 from a toxic cocktail that included a pain killer, muscle relaxer and difluoroethane, a refrigerant.

Inhalants Are Terrible, Please Stop Using Them: Huffing is awful. You know it, I know it, and it's probably fair to assume that Bartusiak probably knew it too.

Huffing tragedy noticed in D.C.: A recent newspaper article about a tragic death in Pauls Valley and criminal charges from a dangerous inhalant triggered an online alert in our nation’s capital [and the launch of]

Huffing-while-driving ban inspired by death of N.J. teen passes Senate committee: A bill that would outlaw driving under the influence of inhalants was passed unanimously by a state Senate committee this morning.


Three suffer burns in gas huffing explosion: There's been an explosion in South Auckland in what police are describing as a serious huffing incident.

Minister of Health to address youth huffing issues: The Minister of Health is to take advice on what steps might be needed to stop young people huffing, or inhaling gases and aerosols, amongst youth.


Man 'Sets Fire to House After Sniffing Glue': A 34-year-old man is believed to have accidentally set fire to his grandmother's house in Nong Hoi while inebriated after sniffing glue on Saturday morning.


Butane kills another teen: Hail city has registered a third death from butane gas.