Thursday, September 18, 2014

VSA Headlines - September 2014


Laughing gas alert as revellers taken to hospital after bad reaction to 'legal high': Police say anyone who may have inhaled nitrous oxide should get medical advice.

Dagenham mum died after inhaling aerosol gas, inquest hears: A “bubbly” young mother died seconds after inhaling aerosol gas at her home in Dagenham, an inquest heard.

Mum who set fire to home as her two young sons slept avoids jail: A mother who set fire to her home while high on drink and solvents as her two sons slept upstairs has been spared prison and released on probation.

Teenagers taken to hospital after inhaling legal high 'weed killer' in city centre: Police were called when the pair, a girl aged 16 and boy aged 17, were seen being ‘violently ill’ on Market Street in Manchester city centre.

My Teenage Kick Was Huffing Butane Gas: Squeezed between my 15th and 16th birthdays, my relationship with this inhalant, like the high itself, was brief but intense—and ended suddenly.

Widespread coverage of nitrous oxide use, including a lengthy piece in the Huffington Post, two BBC stories (Council response and festival use), a Channel 4 feature about London's Brick Lane, in-depth Guardian analysis, and an extensive piece in the South China Morning Post including an interview with "the world's biggest producer of nitrous oxide cream chargers" in Taiwan.

'Hippie crack' inspires new Gilbert and George exhibition: Gilbert and George have turned to a funny source of inspiration for their latest exhibition: nitrous oxide, or laughing gas.

Legal highs

One new drug a week puts health services under increasing pressure: Health services need more support to deal with growing club drug and Novel Psychoactive Substance use, warn leading psychiatrists.

Town hall chiefs call for ban on sale of legal highs: Council leaders have called for the sale of legal highs to be made illegal on the high street, after figures showed related deaths more than doubled in the past four years. Call to follow Irish legal high law.

Dawn raids on legal high shops: More than 350 officers were involved in the nationwide raids, which also targeted shops in Ayr, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen.

Newsagent to stand trial over legal highs accusation: A Bradford city centre newsagent is set to stand trial next year on charges of supplying so-called legal highs.

Police plea after legal highs death: A warning has been issued to members of the public reminding them of the dangers of so-called legal highs, which will often contain hazardous substances.

2014 Online Legal High Survey: The ‘Legal High’ National Online Survey (LHNOS) launched in March, 2014 to learn more about individuals’ views and experiences of ‘legal highs’ in the UK.

A POA official estimates that "between 30 and 40% of the drug seizures in prisons are the many varieties of legal highs."


Legal highs

Irish youths' legal-high use treble EU rate: The use of designer drugs among Ireland's teenagers and young adults is approaching three times the EU rate.


Mother charged with neglect after huffing incident (IN): A Steuben County woman is charged with neglect of a dependent after police said she put her daughter in serious danger over the summer.

Pregnant Woman Arrested For Endangering Unborn Child By Huffing (IN): A northwest Indiana woman with an admitted addiction to huffing has been arrested for felony neglect of a dependent — her unborn son.

Are your kids huffing? (NJ): Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini sponsors a bill to make it tougher for minors to get their hands on the product.

Stories on traffic accidents connected with VSA include those from SC, SDTN and UT.


Solvent abuse not exclusive to remote communities: A 12-bed facility that specializes in youth solvent abuse, intake manager Jessica Wilhelm said the capacity is part of a national problem. Many people think that solvent abuse issues only exist in remote communities, but it's everywhere.


IDF prohibits khat chewing, Freon huffing: Army increases restrictions on substance abuse for soldiers on duty; troops who violate rules could face prosecution.


Drugs scam: Solvent sold as GHB by nightclub dealers.


Huffing teen treated for burns: The three teens injured when the aerosol can they were huffing exploded yesterday remain in hospital a stable condition.

Legal highs

'Battle for the legal high industry': An Auckland businessman who made millions of dollars selling pills which mimicked Ecstasy - which he claimed to be legal - has been convicted of drug crimes in a case described by one judge as the "battle for the legal high industry".


Mission to help boys’ addiction to solvents: A former [Sussex] police sergeant who travelled to the Philippines and set up a charity to help young boys addicted to solvents has written a book to help raise awareness of their plight.