Tuesday, July 15, 2014

VSA Headlines - July 2014


Tributes to Brixton man who drowned at festival in the south of France: Tributes were today paid to a 25-year-old who drowned at a festival in France after allegedly inhaling laughing gas.

More evidence 'poppers' may damage eyesight: A club drug and aphrodisiac since the 1970s, inhaled “poppers” are increasingly linked to eye damage - possibly due to a new formulation - according to a short report from the UK.

Man who went from sniffing petrol to shoplifting for heroin will take part in Recovery Festival: A man who went from sniffing petrol fumes aged 13 in Wiltshire to shoplifting in Plymouth to fund a heroin addiction is taking part in the South West's only recovery festival after living clean for three years.

Prolific offender stole nearly £200 of aerosol cans from Ilfracombe Co-op to feed addiction: A prolific offender with a solvent addiction stole almost £200 worth of aerosol cans to feed his habit.

Solicitor says Asbos 'are almost used as a way of tidying up the streets' after woman was remanded in custody for possessing aerosol cans: She was treated by paramedics for the effects of inhaling the hair spray aerosol cans.

Laughing gas vendors - having a laugh at the law's expense? For a fee, they'll get you high - and they'll do it right under the noses of the police who can't touch them. But is the party coming to an end for those making a fortune selling laughing gas?

TOWIE star Arg sparks controversy being pictured with deadly legal high Hippy Crack: James Argent has sparked controversy after posing with a balloon, believed to be a legal high dubbed Hippy Crack, in a nightclub.

Lethal laughing gas op targets illegal Shoreditch street sellers: Potentially lethal “laughing gas” with a street value of about £6,500 was seized in just one night by police outside the pubs and clubs of Shoreditch.

Rise in use of laughing gas in Carshalton and Coulsdon prompts police warning: Officers have warned children and their parents against sniffing any small metal cannisters they find in public spaces as these are likely to have been left over by people using laughing gas in the area. The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead are also engaged in an awareness-raising programme.

Other legal highs

We can 'only educate' people on dangers of legal highs: Legal highs are so popular the only option is to "educate people who are using them" about how they can make safer choices about the drugs they take, an addiction specialist told Good Morning Britain.

Man dies after smoking legal high: A man has died after smoking herbal incense, police said.

Torfaen AM welcomes legal high inquiry: Torfaen AM, Lynne Neagle, has successfully persuaded the Assembly’s Health and Social Care Committee to undertake a full inquiry into legal highs.

Northern Ireland in grip of legal high 'Magic Dragon' epidemic: Ulster risks a lost generation unless government bans the sale of so-called ‘legal highs.

'Legal high' man set fire to flats after 'hearing voices in head': A man who endangered residents by torching a block of flats claimed he did it after hearing voices in his head as a result of taking a so-called legal high.

Legal highs stories this month also included bans on legal highs at festivals, including T in the Park and Brownstock and raids made on a number of legal highs shops including those in Perth, Angus and Kent. Police warnings were also issued in ScotlandCumbria (also covered in an ITV story) and Cheshire.


Mineral turpentine, heavy fuels raise risk of Alzheimer's disease: A new study suggests that exposure to certain petroleum based solvents and fuels can drastically boost the risk of Alzheimer's disease - a disease that affects an estimated 5 million Americans. 

Huffing driver can't be charged with DUI (NE): Two months after being hit by a huffing driver Lindsey Anderson says Nebraska D-U-I laws need better balance.Lindsey says, " Penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol and driving under the influence of huffing should all be the same."

Twin Falls Man Runs Into Sign after Inhaling Canned Air (ID): A three car pileup Monday morning, has led to the arrest of one of the drivers.

Driver inhaled nitrous oxide just before crash on Rt. 22, say police (NJ):  Investigation of a one-car crash led to the arrest of two Summit residents on charges related to inhaling nitrous oxide.

Newport man hospitalized after inhaling whippets (OH): A Newport man is in a critical condition Friday after his wife says he inhaled a gas commonly found in aerosol cans.

Recent huffing cases in Warren, Hunterdon counties raise concerns among experts (NJ): Huffing, the practice of inhaling common household items for a brief blast of euphoria, has for decades been a problem. And those who track it say there's at least circumstantial evidence that it's become an even greater problem recently in certain pockets of the country. A similar story ran in Marathon County, WI


Legal highs

Far North queries 'legal high' ban: Far North District Council says it's impossible to ban all "legal highs" and instead wants local government control over where they can be sold.


Law without enforcement will not curb glue-sniffing among teenagers: Drafting a new or amending an existing law will not be able to help curb glue-sniffing activity, especially among teenagers in this country, according to crime analyst Kamal Affandi Hashim.


Enforce ‘rugby boys’ ordinance (Bacolod): There is a steadily increasing and rampant use of rugby and other volatile substances by minors, in spite of the passage of City Ordinance 328, the resolution said.


Eight children inhaling adhesives land in de-addiction centre in Amritsar (Punjab): These boys, who work as rag-pickers, were spotted by the Amritsar police at different locations in the city, including the railway station, on Monday.

Most correction fluid addicts are students, finds PGI study: Correction fluid (inhalant addicts) addicts are mostly students belonging to middle socio-economic class families. A recent study conducted by the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, has found.