Monday, June 30, 2014

VSA Headlines - June 2014

We're delighted to announce that Re-Solv Scotland has received 3 years' funding from the Section 16B grant scheme. This will allow us to run an annual VSA awareness campaign and work with St Andrews' First Aiders to respond in an emergency.


Eleven-year-old girl died after sniffing aerosol gas, inquest rules: A mother found her 11-year-old daughter unconscious on her bed after she had been sniffing an aerosol can, an inquest heard.

Young chef died after inhaling laughing gas: A young chef who died after inhaling laughing gas discovered the high while on holiday seven months previously, an inquest heard.

Woman on gas and alcohol threatened to kill terrified pub worker with meat fork: A woman high on alcohol and butane gas launched a series of attacks on terrified members of staff at a pub, threatening to kill one of them with a meat fork.

Exposure to solvents prior to first childbirth 'linked to breast cancer risk': In a study published in Cancer Research, women with a family history of breast cancer who worked with organic solvents prior to having their first child had an increased risk for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

Legal highs

Winchester University student killed by effects of 'legal high': A student at a Hampshire university was killed by the toxic effects of a legal high substance, a coroner has ruled.

Woman died after taking legal high at wake mourning friend killed by the same drug: A Birmingham inquest heard the friends were part of a group of “ravers" who used recreational drugs including horse tranquilizer Ketamine and Mephedrone, widely known as M-CAT, at weekends.

Deaths linked to legal highs: Two deaths in Shetland are being linked to so-called legal highs prompting a warning from police chief Eddie Graham.

Deadly "legal highs" which mimic Class A drugs to be banned: A lethal psychedelic drug should be controlled as a Class A substance, according to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD).

‘Legal high’ danger warning from Hatfield university team: Experts at Hatfield’s University of Hertfordshire warned of the dangers of the latest ‘legal high’ drugs at an international conference.

Legal Highs survey is launched by the NHS: Legal highs are being put under the spotlight with the launch of a new survey across Angus.

Experts to tackle legal high dangers: An expert group is to be set up by the Scottish Government to look at ways of tackling the sale and supply of so-called "legal highs".

Deadly ‘legal high’ is banned: The Isle of Man Tynwald last week voted to ban a drug implicated in the death of a man from Ballasalla last year.

Illegal drugs hidden inside nearly half of ‘legal highs: A top medic says Class B and prescription-only drugs like Viagra are regularly added to the potentially toxic substances.


Time may not reduce brain effects of solvent exposure: Workers exposed to solvents on the job may experience memory and thinking problems decades later, according to a new study.

Man arrested on glue charges after 50 mph wreck in parking lot (TN): Witnesses saw him going about 50 mph and driving through trees and bushes in the parking lot, according to an arrest report.

Gunter man warns of dangers of "huffing" (TX):  A Gunter man is warning of the dangers of "huffing" after he was critically injured in an accident nearly three years ago while high on fumes.

Police allege huffing was a factor in car's crash into house (AZ): An 18-year-old woman who crashed a car into a Whipple Street house on May 31 had been "huffing" just prior to the crash, a Prescott Police spokesman said.

Man to be arraigned on charges stemming from fatal car crash (WI): A Cornell man accused of huffing from an aerosol can and using marijuana before a car crash that killed his passenger in Eau Claire in August will have an arraignment hearing July 21.

Spread of 'huffing' feared (NY): The near-death of a Greenwich man and complaints from parents have prompted police and a substance abuse expert to warn about an apparent increase in young people “huffing” aerosol products to get high.

Huffing becoming a serious addiction in Utah County: Within the past two months, the Orem Department of Public Safety has responded to multiple calls of individuals huffing canned air in their vehicles or at a business.


Youths in Cairns injured after explosion while chroming: A group of youths in Cairns were injured in a small explosion that occurred while they were ‘chroming’.


Legal high manufacturers' testing regimes inadequate: Political considerations appear to have driven Government decisions on law changes around legal highs.

Legal highs sell out fast after returning to shelves: Legal highs have resurfaced after last month's ban in a new form described as "non-psychoactive", and they're flying off shelves.


Stuck on glue: Young Fijians who sniff glue to intoxicate themselves also chew it as gum and even use it on top of buttered bread for their meals.


Possible ‘legal’ route to curb glue-sniffing in Sarawak: States concerned with the glue-sniffing scourge may be able to curb it by tweaking the terms and conditions stipulated in trade and business licences.

Malacca finds way to control sticky situation: With glue sniffing becoming a problem among youngsters, the state assembly has approved a motion to draft an enactment controlling the sale of adhesives.


Inhalant abuse on the rise (Tamil Nadu): The Coimbatore government hospital sees at least five to 10 new cases of inhalant addiction every month.

Solvent abuse among Kashmiri teenagers on rise: Kashmir-based Psychiatrists Thursday raised a serious concern over the increase in solvent abuse among teenagers, which according to them can cause sudden death.

Whitener addiction on the rise among teens (Kerala): According to a recent report submitted before the court by the police department, whitener-inhalation addiction is the first step to drug addiction or alcoholism.