Tuesday, January 28, 2014

VSA Headlines - January 2014

Congratulations to Pat Bleau who has been awarded an MBE for services to children, young people and families.

Mrs Bleau, 59, set up the Chantelle Bleau Memorial Fund to educate schoolchildren about the dangers of volatile substance abuse after her 16-year-old daughter died sniffing lighter gas.  Her honour recognises her work with the charity, tirelessly campaigning to raise awareness about volatile substance abuse, and ensuring that local children in Leeds and Bradford are educated about the dangers of legal drugs. Read more here.


Inquest hears Burslem teenager's death was linked to inhaling lighter fuel: Medical tests have failed to establish what caused his death, but assistant coroner Margaret Jones yesterday concluded that he died from the effects of lighter fuel.

Newtown man dies after inhaling butane: A toxicology analysis of Mr Greenough's blood showed no trace of alcohol or drugs, but evidence of butane.

Boy, 13, became seriously ill after drinking bottle of the legal high 'poppers' he bought from Sale shop: A 13-year-old boy became seriously ill after drinking a bottle of the legal high ‘poppers’ from a shop in Sale.

Petrolhead banned from all garages after repeatedly sniffing and drinking fuel: A thirsty addict has been banned from petrol stations after sneaking in to them to sniff or drink unleaded petrol.

Concern after ‘laughing gas’ canisters found: Police are carrying out additional patrols around Marlborough recreation ground following the discovery of nitrous oxide canisters.

Legal Highs

Family laments legal high death: A former government drugs advisor has said policing so-called "legal highs" is an impossible task.

Mum’s crusade after ‘legal high’ led to death of her son: Sarane Brennan has been crusading against the potentially lethal dangers of party drugs since her son took his life while trying to beat his addiction.

Mum Karen Audino launches website after claims son Jimmy Guichard died from legal highs: A mother who claims she lost her son to legal highs is this week launching a website warning others of the dangers of the lawful 'drugs'.

East Hull murder trial: A teenager who stabbed his grandparents while high on the former legal high M-Cat has gone on trial for a second time.

UK heading for legal high showdown with Brussels over plans to water down laws: Crime minister Norman Baker has opted out of an EU directive which he says would make it harder to control the spread of the drugs in Britain.

Legal highs 'more dangerous' than class A drugs like cocaine and heroin: in an interview with the Standard,  Norman Baker said dozens of young people were dying or risked horrific injuries after experimenting with new psychoactive substances. “People think they are safe and legal when they may not be,” he said.

Doctors struggling to treat people using legal highs: Medics at Manchester Royal Infirmary spoke to the M.E.N. about their ongoing struggle against synthetic drugs.

Moves made to address legal high legislation loopholes: Omagh District Council’s chief executive has said some progress is being made in attempts to tackle the town’s legal high problem.


Senate Passes Oroho Bill Establishing Zero Tolerance for Huffing and Driving: Legislation sponsored by Senator Steven Oroho making it illegal to drive under the influence of any amount of a prohibited inhalant, such as glue or aerosol, is now one step closer to becoming law after being passed today by the full Senate.

Driver crashes while huffing with 45 cans of dust cleaner in vehicle (Gainesville, FL): Gainesville police officers arrested an Alachua man Wednesday night after they say he crashed into a ditch while huffing from a can of dust cleaner.

Woman found in 'seizure-like state' behind the wheel in Lebanon County was huffing aerosol, police say (PA): A woman found Wednesday "in a seizure-like state" behind the wheel of a truck on a road in Lebanon County had been huffing aerosol, according to police reports.


Children as young as six sniffing gas in Pikangikum: Twenty-one years ago this month, six gas-sniffing Innu youth in Davis Inlet, Labrador, horrified the nation with their suicide attempts. Today, children as young as six sniff gas and damage their brains in another remote Aboriginal community marked by suicide.


Call for Feds to use petrol powers to cut sniffing: The Federal Government needs to start using its power to introduce Opal fuel to some outback petrol stations, the Central Australian Youth Link-Up Service has said.


Legal Highs

Legal high harm should be agency focus: The Health Promotion Agency should be mandated and resourced to reduce the harm associated with legal highs, says Labour’s Associate Health spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway.

Legal-high industry to take a hit: Legal high manufacturers will now face an estimated $180,000 application fees plus $1-2 million in testing costs for each product they want to sell. Those caught selling banned substances face up to eight years in prison.

Legal highs pulled off the shelves: Five products withdrawn after users report adverse effects on health. There are now 42 legal high products being sold in New Zealand under interim licences.

Agency links client spike to legal highs (Otago): A spike in the number of people seen in relation to legal highs has been experienced by Jigsaw Central Lakes, a non-profit agency which helps those affected by family violence.