Thursday, December 05, 2013

VSA Headlines - November & December 2013


Death of Billingham teenager sparks aerosol warning: A schoolgirl died after sniffing solvents from a deodorant can, it has been revealed.

18 years for Derby predator who knocked out young boys with butane gas: A predator who knocked out young boys with butane gas before seriously sexually assaulting them has been jailed for 18 years.

Drugs and solvent abuse items discovered in Maghera: Police in Maghera are asking for community assistance after evidence of drug use, solvent abuse and outdoor drinking was discovered by neighbourhood officers.

Michelle Keegan pictured taking legal high nicknamed hippy crack in nightclub: Coronation Street beauty Michelle Keegan fills her lungs with laughing gas on a girls’ night out as if oblivious to its nickname hippy crack.

Legal Highs

Angelus Foundation Welcomes House of Lords Debate on 'Legal High' Headshops: Clause (56NA) in the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Police Bill proposed by the Opposition would have the effect of targeting the sale of "synthetic, psychoactive and intoxicating substances" commonly known as legal highs. It expected the Government will oppose the proposed law.

Neil McKeganey: ‘Legal’ highs a low point: Our government response to novel psychoactive substances is out of touch and irresponsible, writes Professor Neil McKeganey.

Legal high 'epidemic' calls for an overhaul of legislation, parliamentary committee warns: Keith Vaz MP, chair of the home affairs committee, said there has been a 79% in psychoactive substance-related deaths

Drugs unlimited: how I created my very own legal high: The reason so many new drugs are appearing is because we keep banning them. It's time for a change of approach

NBOMe legal high may be banned: The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) has recommended that compounds of the drug, seen as an alternative to the hallucinogen LSD, are controlled as class A substances - the most serious category with possession punishable by a jail term of up to seven years.

Seizures made by Exeter police during landmark legal high investigation: Exeter CID have secured a conviction against the owners of two legal high shops for selling illegal substances. It is the first time this has been done on a commercial scale.

Essex Police warn of dangers of 'legal high' after two people are taken ill: Police in Essex have issued a countywide alert warning people to be aware of the dangers of taking a so-called ‘legal high’ called Pandora’s Box.

'Benzo Fury' legal high killed graduate: Coroner warns that “even toxicologists are struggling to get to grips” with dangers of legal highs after psychology graduate died.

Death was caused by legal high, says coronor: A Coroner has concluded that Christopher Scott died as a direct result of taking the legal high Alpha-methyltriptamine.

Legal high reaction killed father-to-be days before the recreational drug was banned: An inquest heard he had already gone into cardiac arrest when he was admitted to hospital and his life support machine was switched off the following day

New report finds legal highs being sold in petrol stations and takeaways: A new report by the charity DrugScope has found that psychoactive substances have become available outside of traditional outlets such as headshops and websites.

Legal high message gathers momentum: Education is key in the battle against legal highs, a high-ranking Cumbria police officer has claimed.


Legal Highs

Misadventure verdict over legal high death: A verdict of misadventure has been recorded at the inquest of a Ballasalla man who died after taking a 'legal high' drug.


'Huffing' likely contributed to teenager's death (IA) Autopsy results confirmed difluoroethane in the girl’s body. Canned air, commonly used to dust off sensitive equipment, such as computers, usually contains either that compound or tetrafluoroethane.

'She was on the right track to go somewhere and be somebody' (OR) Shayla Ream's family found her unconscious in her bedroom December 13. The family believes Shayla collapsed and vomited after inhaling compressed gas to get high. Doctors confirmed the suspicion.

Mother seeks answers to death of estranged daughter in Oak Ridge (TN):  She drowned after collapsing into the fountain from inhalant abuse according to a Regional Forensic Center report.

Army veteran dies after years of huffing (ID): Aaron Draper struggled after getting hooked on aerosols while he was still in the military

Two Dead, Two Injured in Morning Crash, Driver Allegedly Inhaling Duster (IN): Deputies say the crash is still under investigation, but the sheriff's officer says early indications point to the inhaling of duster (compressed air) as a contributing factor.

‘Huffing’ a concern among Alaska teens: The inhaling of toxic fumes to get high is known colloquially as huffing, and is reportedly practised by a wide swathe of teenagers and young adults, according to information released by the Alaska Department of Epidemiology on Nov. 15.

Bill that would make huffing while driving illegal makes way through New Jersey Senate: New Jersey state lawmakers are taking a zero-tolerance approach to driving while "huffing."

Man charged with DUII 'huffing' in crash (OR): A 19-year-old driver has been charged with DUII after he was reportedly "huffing" in connection with a crash that injured two 13-year-old girls in Wilsonville.

Man huffing propane ignites self, house: A man burned himself and his home Sunday night after he passed out from allegedly huffing propane.

Cedar City police concerned about huffing trend among teens (UT): Over the past month, Cedar City police have arrested six juveniles, all between the ages of 13 and 17, for investigation of huffing.

Florida mom accused of inhaling nitrous oxide from whipped cream can with 1-year-old son in car: A 29-year-old Bradenton woman has been charged with felony child neglect after witnesses told officers they saw her inhaling nitrous oxide


Brain damage recovery hope for petrol sniffers: Research shows petrol sniffers can recover from brain damage, but the process takes a long time.

Statistics may mask solvent use problem (QLD): Presentations of young solvent abuse patients at Mount Isa Hospital's emergency department are down from last year, according to recent statistics, but a local youth organisation has said it's a case of higher use in fewer children. There is also a call for children's rehab centre in north Qld where figures from the Townsville Hospital show presentations for volatile substance abuse are 15 times higher than five years ago.

Jail for man who set sleeping cousin alight: A man who had been sniffing petrol poured fuel over his sleeping cousin’s bed, set it alight and fled.


A coroner says better transition is needed out of CYF care following the death of a teenage boy in Wellington: A coroner has urged the government to extend services for young people discharged from Child, Youth and Family services, following the butane huffing death of a teenage boy.

Legal Highs

Move to ban legal highs gathers pace: South Island councils are driving a campaign to ban the sale of psychoactive substances, furious that the Government has failed to do so.

Hotline will make it easier to close legal high outlets: Associate Health Minister Todd McClay has launched a toll-free hotline for the public to report concerns about psychoactive substances in their community.


School kids getting high on whitener sniffing (Bangalore): Study conducted by a team of docs finds that it came second only to alcohol on the list of substance abuse among high school students.

Substance abuse - a way of life for these urchins at Raipur railway station: A relatively new trend in India, glue sniffing has become a way of life for the urchins at Raipur railway station.