Thursday, October 24, 2013

VSA Headlines - October 2013

Re-Solv is grateful to the British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association (BAMA) for highlighting in their 2012/13 Annual Report:

"It is disappointing that Government will not re-start funding data collection (stopped in 2009) until perhaps 2014 to allow previously observed trends to be tracked."

Re-Solv continues to campaign for annual mortality figures on VSA to be collated and published, and for annual prevalence figures for VSA to be recorded in the Crime Survey for England and Wales.

Headlines from around the world this month include:


Paramedic struck off: A paramedic with the Great Western Ambulance Service has been struck off for inhaling gas while on duty.

‘I’d been sniffing Evo-Stik from 6am on the day I killed Simon’ – Sunderland serial killer: Serial killer Steven Grieveson claimed to have been a glue-sniffer since the age of 11, jurors have heard.

Legal Highs

New laws on 'legal highs' introduced: New rules to tackle the rise in the use of so-called 'legal highs' have been announced by the European Commission. But the UK could be prepared to defy European Union attempts to govern laws on potentially deadly legal highs, a Home Office minister has said.

New ‘legal high’ legislation yet to reach North: The Department of Health has confirmed that a series of legal highs banned in England, Wales and Scotland in February this year remain legal in Northern Ireland.

Britain is legal high drug capital of Europe: Britain has become the global hub for websites selling legal highs, with one in 12 youngsters taking them.

Grieving mum hits out at legal highs shops after death of son: A grieving mother is calling for shops that sell legal highs to be banned after her son died in her arms.

Brownstock legal high death man 'a great guy': Friends and colleagues of a man who died after taking a legal party drug at the Brownstock Festival, in Stow Maries, near Chelmsford, have spoken of their shock at his death.

'Legal high' Blow was a factor in death of 59-year-old man: A middle-aged man was found dead in his Southampton flat after taking fatal amounts of a so-called “legal high” named Blow that aggravated his underlying heart condition.

'Legal high' death: Man dies after smoking Psyclone herbal incense at Bolton house.

Five legal high hospital admissions prompt GP warning: Five separate hospital admissions all linked to legal highs in Torbay have prompted health chiefs to write to GPs about their concerns.

Sudden deaths reveal lows behind illegal and legal highs: There have been a total of 12 recreational drug-related deaths reported across the North since the beginning of the year.

Brighton and Hove opens UK's first legal high drugs clinics: Health and social care charity CRI confirmed it had just opened two drop-in centres in St George’s Place, Brighton, and The Drive, Hove, to address the increased use of legal highs in the city.


Legal Highs

Eurostat finds Ireland's youth use 'legal highs' the most in EU: Figures published by the Eurostat this morning show 16% of young Irish people have tried drugs from head shops.


Teen Dies From Inhaling Canned Air (IA): No one saw it coming - how a house hold product changed a family forever.

Western Alaska man dies after inhaling propane (AK): Alaska State Troopers say a 31-year-old man has died after apparently intentionally breathing propane to get high.

Huffing lands Eau Claire woman in prison (WI): An Eau Claire woman who received an eight-month jail term three years ago for huffing from an aerosol can before and after a traffic crash will spend two years in prison for continued huffing incidents.


‘We want to die — nobody’s listening to us’ (NL): Natuashish’s ongoing gas-sniffing problem getting worse. Innu Leader Ties Churchill Hydropower Project Shutdown to Action on Youth Solvent Addiction.

Actor joins treatment centre’s walk (ON): The Ka-Na-Chi-Hih Specialized Solvent Treatment Abuse Centre hosted its annual walk Thursday to promote a community that is free of solvent abuse.


Kids caught up as scourge of petrol sniffing returns (SA): Children as young as 10 have been involved in a petrol-sniffing ring in South Australia's remote Aboriginal lands, prompting calls for an urgent investigation.