Thursday, March 28, 2013

VSA Headlines: March 2013


Southfields mum calls for law change after daughter died inhaling butane gas:  Candy-Marie Ward was only 29 when she died of a cardiac arrest after sniffing the deadly gas on New Year's Eve. Her mother, Sharon Stevens, is calling for the law to be changed which allowed Miss Ward to stockpile it from nearby shops without anyone batting an eyelid.

Unilever shakes up the aerosol world: The new container is half the size of industry-standard 150-mL aerosol cans, thanks to new technology developed by Unilever that allows double the concentration of active formula to be dispensed with less propellant and at half the spray rate. See

Legal Highs

Northampton woman died after taking ‘legal high’ drugs: A 27-year-old woman from Northampton died ... after ingesting the chemical 6-APB, known as ‘Benzo fury’.

New drugs warning after school pupils smoked 'legal high: A substance which made ten children ill after they smoked it at a Notts school was a legal high, police have revealed.

UN raises alarm over booming trade in 'legal highs' - with UK at its centre: Britain is at the centre of a booming trade in “legal highs” – chemicals designed to replicate the effects of illegal substances – a United Nations drugs watchdog warned today (read the full INCB report).

Summit to tackle ‘legal high’ menace: Methods to tackle the growing menace of so-called legal highs will be discussed at crunch talks between [Scottish] government, health and police officials next month.

Mitch Winehouse Warns Parents Over Legal Highs: Amy Winehouse's father has issued a warning over legal highs, saying so many new drugs are available to children it is "no wonder parents are in the dark". Mitch Winehouse also said the under-funding of drug and alcohol education meant a generation of children were being put at risk.


Girl, 12, Dies After Huffing Freon From A/C Unit (Victorville, CA): It’s called huffing or bagging — a trend among kids and teens looking for a quick high by inhaling a chemical called Freon.

LA girl, 14, dies after inhaling computer cleaner: A 14-year-old Los Angeles honors student has died after inhaling a computer keyboard dust cleaner, apparently to get high.

Inhalants awareness benefit to be held (Ranson, WV): ... the 19-year-old was in his bedroom the night of the Super Bowl inhaling air duster when he overdosed.

Teens accused of huffing Freon from AC unit (Dekalb, GA): Six DeKalb County teens are facing charges after a homeowner said he caught them vandalizing his air conditioning unit and huffing the coolant inside.

Police: kids caught huffing duster at East Tennessee school (Campbell County, TN): Police say five teens risked their lives for a quick high.

Inhalant drug addictions rise (Grand Junction, CO): Drug experts say 1 in 5 kids inhale some type of substance or chemical before they reached 8th grad.

Kit offered to help spot inhalant abuse: Inhalant abuse among North Dakota middle school students is 7.4 percent (the third most abused substance, next to alcohol and marijuana), and 11.6 percent among high school students (Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2011). 


Gas Sniffing Returns to Natuashish (Newfoundland and Labrador): The problem of gas sniffing is raising its ugly head once again in the Innu community of Natuashish. Band Council Chief Simeon Tshakapesh says he's noticed more and more young people sniffing gas now that the temperatures are warming and the days are getting longer.


Police to meet Balgo elders over kids sniffing (Western Australia): Police are meeting elders in Balgo to discuss concerns that petrol sniffing has re-surfaced in the remote Kimberley community.

Child sniffing concerns health professionals: That’s according to the director of Mental Health and Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs for the North West Hospital Health Service, Sandra Kennedy. 


Suspect claims he got high sniffing glue: [He is] suspected of killing Staten Island mom Sarai Sierra who died from a fatal blow to the head in Istanbul in January. 


The bears who like to get high (Kronotsky Nature Reserve): Russian animals are so addicted to aviation fuel they sniff it until they pass out.