Wednesday, February 27, 2013

VSA Headlines: February 2013


Sunderland teenager died after sniffing gas: A teenager's tragic death from inhaling butane gas has led to action against the Teesside shop which sold it to her.


Body found in motel along with 52 empty aerosol cans (Osage Beach, MI): According to a news release, Police determined the deceased man and a woman bought the cans over a three day period from a nearby store.

Mom story: My daughter died from inhaling helium. Read how her family is trying to warn other parents and kids about the dangers of inhalants.


Legal high bill introduced: A bill restricting the sale of "legal highs" has been introduced to Parliament today. The Psychoactive Substances Bill puts the onus on producers of synthetic psychoactive substances to prove their products are safe before they can be sold, associate health minister Peter Dunne says in a media release.