Tuesday, December 04, 2012

VSA Headlines: November - December 2012

Deaths from solvent abuse rose to 46 in 2009 from 38 in 2008, according to a new report on the latest UK figures. Read the full report, Trends in UK deaths associated with abuse of volatile substances, 1971-2009, by the International Centre for Drug Policy (ICDP) here. 


Death of Hoddesdon teen highlights dangers of butane gas: The tragic death of a Hoddesdon teenager needs to serve as a warning to youngsters about the dangers of inhaling butane gas, his family has said.

Father tells how solvent abuse killed daughter (Sheffield): A teenager who died sniffing aerosol fumes was one of half a dozen young girls at her school experimenting with the deadly craze, an inquest heard.

Missing man 'probably died from solvent abuse': A man whose skeletal remains were discovered near a Beaconsfield petrol station almost seven months after disappearing from a care home probably died from sniffing petrol, an inquest heard.

Kids dicing with death: More young lives will be senselessly lost if urgent steps are not taken to halt the deadly solvent abuse craze that is sweeping Antrim, a school governor has claimed.

Man was sniffing gas (Paisley): He had pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening and abusive manner likely to case fear and alarm to others. 

Legal Highs

43 deaths linked to legal highs: More than 40 deaths were linked to a group of now-banned legal highs in 2010, eight times as many as the previous year, figures have shown. Read the full report, Drug-related deaths in the UK Annual Report 2011, by the International Centre for Drug Policy (ICDP) here.

Watford man died after "legal high" caused his lungs to bleed: A Watford man died after the "legal high" he had been smoking caused his lungs to bleed, starving his brain of oxygen.

Boy, 12, in hospital after taking ‘legal high’ drug: A Highland schoolboy had to be treated in hospital after taking a “legal high” drug.

Club drug users warned as new figures show more getting help: While overall drug use has declined in England, there has been an increase in those needing treatment for ‘club drugs’ such as ketamine and mephedrone in the last six years, the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NTA) revealed today.

More than one new legal high goes on sale every week, survey finds: EU report reveals 57 new psychoactive drugs have been detected so far this year. Almost one in 10 Britons aged between 15 and 24 have used a legal high, twice the European average of 5% and in Ireland the figure was 15%. Read the full European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) annual report here.

New film prize to curb use of 'club drugs': Campaigners launch film competition to raise awareness of dangers of legal highs – and suggest alternatives. For more details of this and the wider Why Not Find Out? campaign, visit the Angelus Foundation website or their new whynotfindout.org.

‘Legal High’ MDAI ban extended for a further 12 months (Isle of Man): The ban, which will see MDAI remain a Class C drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1976, will come into force on 1 January 2013, meaning that the ban will continue uninterrupted.

Explosion of legal-high deaths leads to ‘buyer beware’ alert: The dangers of so-called “legal highs”, which are sweeping Scotland, were stressed yesterday in a report showing an eightfold increase in UK deaths from the drugs.

Hospitalisations caused by legal highs were reported from Bradford (W Yorks) and Bridlington (E Yorks). 


Tackling the solvent abuse problem: The use of inhalants among young people in Malta was brought to tragic public attention recently following the death of a 14-year-old girl who, police believe, had been sniffing lighter fuel when she fainted and died of cardiac arrest soon after. She is the first person in Malta whose death was confirmed to have been caused by sniffing inhalants.


Delray man charged with 'huffing' found dead in Boynton Beach (FL): The 29-year-old had spent the last 18 months in and out of recovery programs in Pennsylvania, then Washington D.C., fighting a brutal addiction to inhalants that had put his life on hold.

Man who died from burn injuries may have been huffing gas (AL): Investigators believe that a Tuscaloosa County man may have been huffing gasoline before accidentally starting a fire that burned most of his body.

Six year prison sentence in alleged huffing crash (OH): A Middle Point woman whose alleged huffing caused a fatal traffic crash was sentenced Wednesday to six years in prison.

‘Dusting’ High A Deadly Fad For Young People (IL) It’s difficult to detect, easy to find, and can kill you the first time you try it. What’s worse, the  biggest abusers are 8th-graders.

Granny Huffing Paint In Front Of Toddler Grandson Arrested (OK): An Oklahoma City woman is facing charges of child endangerment and public drunkenness after she was arrested for allegedly huffing spray paint outside of a convenience store with her grandson present.

Lakeside considering huffing ordinance (IA): ... In Storm Lake, huffing, possession or purchase of substances for huffing or aiding others involved in huffing is prohibited, per an ordinance adopted earlier this summer ...  The Storm Lake ordinance calls for juveniles to receive substance abuse assistance. "We are much more interested in referring them to counseling programs," Prosser said.


Government backs Greens to tackle petrol sniffing: The Federal Government will get the power to force petrol stations to sell non-sniffable Opal fuel after Labor announced it would support a Greens bill aimed at tackling the scourge of petrol sniffing.

Petrol sniffing outbreak hits Tennant Creek: The Central Australian Youth Link Up Service says there has been an outbreak of petrol sniffing in Tennant Creek. 

Shell to help combat petrol sniffing: Shell will join the fight against petrol sniffing in remote Aboriginal communities after agreeing to sell non-sniffable Opal fuel for the first time.

Boy, 11, faces drug and alcohol issues (Southern Queensland): The lad had gone missing from his family home last week, spending days with mates sniffing glue.

Legal Highs

Naked and psychotic: legal cocaine substitute offers a deadly high: Mr Punch's death was the first bath salts fatality in Australia. 


Huffing addict's grieving parents recall 10-year ordeal: The grieving parents of Josh Tunnicliffe battled for a decade to halt their son's huffing addiction. The body of the 27-year-old was found near a park bench in the Dunedin Botanic Garden on Sunday, November 4.

Coroner urges education on huffing: A coroner is calling for a carefully co-ordinated approach to help prevent huffing deaths after a 16-year-old died in Rotorua.


Serial offender jailed again for inhaling glue (Fujairah): A 21-year-old Arab man’s one-year jail term for abusing an addictive substance was upheld by the Fujairah Court of Appeal on Tuesday.