Thursday, July 19, 2012

VSA Headlines: June - July 2012


Addict had been sniffing butane before his death: A heroin addict who had been using butane gas as a cheap alternative high was found dead in his bed by his partner.

Be aware of solvent abuse: An awareness drive has been launched about the dangers of solvent abuse. Northumberland County Council’s Public Protection Service is running the campaign for retailers, teachers and parents, and officers are stressing the importance of knowing the warning signs that young people may be experimenting with substances.

St Helens stores snared in butane gas sting: Two retailers sold butane gas lighter refills to a 15-year-old girl in a sting carried out by St Helens Trading Standards. 

Police warning to gas abusers: In the run-up to the summer festival season, Newquay police are warning people of the dangers of inhaling nitrous oxide.

Gas find shock in Marlborough: Students from exclusive Marlborough College have been found sniffing dangerous nitrous oxide gas in the town. 

The deadly rise of 'hippy crack': For celebrities, it's the party drug du jour. Now inhaling laughing gas - is spreading to middle-class living rooms.

Solvents: Babies risk heart defects: Babies born to mothers who are exposed to organic solvents at work have a slightly higher risk of having a heart defect at birth, research has suggested. 

Legal Highs

Young mother dies after taking GBL while mourning death of mechanic friend killed by same party drug.

Legal highs wrecked our lives: Victims reveal the human cost of ‘High Street drugs’

The drugs lord who's strictly legal: He is credited with inventing legal highs. So why is the man who made a fortune evading the law now calling for the authorities to step in?


Legal Highs

British family remanded for legal high production: A family of three were remanded in custody for seven days yesterday by Famagusta district court in connection with the alleged production of synthetic ‘herbal highs’.


In the shadow of Euro 2012, Ukraine's street children struggle to stay alive: Ukraine's leaders are keen to highlight the sport taking place in their cities, but for 160,000 homeless children, football is the last thing on their minds.


Man found in field likely died of paint huffing overdose (Richland, WA): Jeffrey W. Roy, 48, was found on Monday in the field between Walmart and the apartment complex where he lived on Lowe Circle, dead of what appears to be paint huffing.

Man accused of sniffing aerosol can before fatal collision (Fairfax County, VA): Trial begins in death of 8-year-old pedestrian.

Woman found guilty of 'huffing' in car wreck that injured 13-month-old son (PA): A Huntingdon County woman “huffed” aerosol in her car with her infant son in the back seat before crashing and badly injuring the child, a judge ruled Thursday.

Mass. woman pleads guilty in "huffing" crash: A Dracut woman police said was deliberately inhaling compressed air while driving has pleaded guilty in a car crash that seriously injured three pedestrians.

E. Idaho man likely 'huffing' before blast (Rexburg, ID): Police believe an eastern Idaho man was "huffing" vapors from compressed-air cans inside his car when the inhalant vapors exploded and he was severely burned.

C.O. danger: Huffing air conditioning coolant (Bend, OR): It's a growing trend across the U.S.: teens huffing freon to get high. It's now being seen on the High Desert, and has local officials asking you to talk with your kids.

Huffing incident spurs call for more prevention efforts (Portsmouth, NH): Following an incident in which three Portsmouth High School students were taken to the hospital after allegedly "huffing" vapors to get high, the director of Project Safety said more must be done to educate youths and their parents about the dangers of drug abuse.


Yabu Band puts spotlight on substance abuse: An Indigenous band from Western Australia is keeping the issue in the spotlight, with a confronting song called Petrol, Paint and Glue.

Dangerous habit makes resurgence (Toowoomba, QLD): Few sights are more disturbing than a wild-eyed youth gasping away his wits and future over a bag of noxious fumes.

Fighting chroming epidemic (QLD): One Mount Isa youth service has refuted claims that not enough is being done to address the issue of Volatile Substance Misuse (VSM) in the community, following recent media coverage of chroming in the city. 

Deodorant sniffing outbreak 'incredibly serious' (Alice Springs, NT): Australia's peak drugs body says it is concerned by reports young Aboriginal people in central Australia are stealing deodorant from supermarkets to get high.


Urgent review into huffing deaths (Dunedin, Otago): The Mosgiel explosion that badly injured two teenagers "huffing" from an LPG bottle has sparked an urgent chief coroner's inquiry into the wider issue of solvent sniffing. 

Legal Highs

New 'hoops' for party pills welcomed: The Drug Foundation is welcoming a law change requiring legal high manufacturers to prove their products are safe before they can be sold. Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne announced on Monday that the government will introduce new legislation reversing the onus of proof on party pills and synthetic cannabis products. The law will require their producers and distributors to provide toxicology data and results of human clinical trials to a regulatory body, which will declare whether they are safe before they can be sold.


Man charged with solvent abuse: A 19-year-old man was sued for possessing Toluene, a water-insoluble liquid with the odor of paint thinner, sniffed just like other solvent by those seeking some high.

2 hardware stores closed for ‘rugby’ sale: In a bid to solve the increasing number of “rugby boys” in his city, Valenzuela Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian on Friday ordered the closure of two hardware stores selling aromatic contact cement and solvents to minors.


Teenaged addict dies in Dubai inhaling lighter gas: Dubai police report cases of addiction to lighter gas and synthetic cannabis called 'Spice'.

Lighter gas inhalation causes death, injuries (Dubai): The Forensic Evidence Department of Dubai Police is conducting a study to determine the reason behind a number of cases involving inhalation of butane lighter gas, which resulted in one death and three injuries in the first six months of this year.

Two youths invite teenage friend to ‘fake party’ to rape her (Dubai):  FSR, 21, and MNN, 18, have also been accused of consuming alcohol and sniffing glue.


Legal Highs

The Dangerous Drugs Ordinance (Amendment of First and Third Schedules) Order 2012 (the Amendment Order) will come into effect tomorrow (July 14) (Hong Kong). A spokesperson for the Security Bureau said today (July 13) that the Amendment Order would subject "gamma-butyrolactone" (GBL), "Salvia divinorum" and its active ingredient, "salvinorin-A", to the same strict control as other dangerous drugs on their trafficking, manufacture, possession, supply, import and export.