Thursday, May 10, 2012

VSA Headlines: Feb 2012


Mother's warning as son found dead: A grieving mother is warning of the dangers of inhaling gas lighter fuel after hearing how fumes were suspected of causing her only child’s death.

Under-age sting targets traders: Cumbria County Council’s Trading Standards team have been working with Cumbria police to increase vigilance and stamp out underage sales across the county. A test purchasing operation was carried out across Cumbria last week focusing on alcohol, tobacco, knives and butane gas. Some retailers did sell to the young volunteers, resulting in five sales of alcohol, one sale of tobacco and one sale of butane gas (the latter in Carlisle).


Authorities say teen overdosed on 'date rape' drug (Santa Rosa, CA): Authorities say a 14-year-old Northern California girl who died during a sleepover last summer ...died from drinking a fatal dose of Gamma-Hydroxybutyric or GHB. GHB is found in some industrial cleaning solvents.

Medford teen died from inhaling helium at party (Medford, OR): The autopsy on a 14-year-old Medford girl who died Saturday after inhaling helium at a party shows she died of an air embolism. Her parents hope to save others from same fate.

Soldiers Went on Binge Before Fatal Crash (Columbus, GA): Two Fort Benning soldiers charged in a fatal five-car crash Saturday spent the hours before the wreck on a drinking and huffing binge, taking shots of Jack Daniel's whiskey and inhaling nitrous oxide from balloons, investigators said Tuesday.

Driving While Huffing: Not Currently a DUI in Washington, But Could Be Soon: The state House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved four bills that would overhaul Washington's laws on driving under the influence earlier this week ... Also included in one piece of legislation is a provision that could permit prosecutors to slap people who sniff chemicals with a DUI.

Residents' sudden deaths linked to abuse of 'air duster' products, officials say: A recent trend of sudden deaths after people intentionally inhaled "air duster" electronics-cleaning products to get high has prompted county scientists to write an academic paper drawing attention to the apparent drug abuse in San Diego County.

FDA to probe caffeine sold as an inhalant: Food and Drug Administration officials plan to investigate whether inhalable caffeine sold in lipstick-sized canisters is safe for consumers and if its manufacturer was right to brand it as a dietary supplement.


Calls for tighter petrol sniffing laws in WA: A substance abuse agency has put its case for tighter petrol sniffing laws to the Mental Health Minister, describing Western Australia's inhalant problem as a "can of worms". 

Greens call for federal laws to target petrol sniffing: Petrol sniffing is back on the agenda in remote Australian outposts and in Canberra, with the Greens calling for a ban on regular fuel. 


Two run over by train: Two youngsters were run over by a train at Safilguda in Secunderabad while they were sitting on the railway track and reportedly sniffing whitener to get a high, the police said on Monday.


Government should step in to stamp out substance abuse: Sherub Dorji, 19, from Paro confessed in court to have inhaled dendrite, an industrial adhesive, bought from across the border in India and stealing a neighbours laptop to purchase more inhalants, court officials said.