Friday, May 11, 2012

VSA Headlines: April 2012


South Norwood mum died after inhaling lighter fluid, inquest hears: The body of a young mother who died after inhaling lighter fluid was discovered almost 16 days after her death. 

Hampton teen died after inhaling deodorant, inquest hears: A 19-year-old woman collapsed and died after sniffing deodorant to get high, an inquest has heard.

Man taken to hospital after ‘inhaling gas’: An East of England Ambulance Service spokesman said: “A man who we believe to be in his 90s was taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital for further assessments after inhaling gas.”

Paramedic struck off for sniffing gas on duty: An ambulanceman who repeatedly sniffed pain-relieving gas while on duty, leaving a trail of empty cylinders behind him, has been struck off by the Health Professions Council. 

Old Trafford woman handed criminal asbo. An Old Trafford woman has been handed a criminal asbo after she stole tins of gas from shops in Altrincham and inhaled them.


Casper woman sentenced in fatal huffing crash (Casper, WY): A Casper woman who inhaled dust cleaner before a fatal car wreck will spend at least eight years in prison. Judge Catherine Wilking noted that Casper has seen a number of serious crashes involving dust cleaner. A warning about huffing and driving was also released in Evanston, WY.

Resurgence of thefts could result in deaths: Thieves are stealing Freon to get high. Police say they are pouring the chemical from people's air conditioning units and inhaling it. Oklahoma Poison Control say there have been seven deaths in a two-year period.

Orem City urges parents to talk to kids about huffing (Orem, UT): In a tweet sent out last night to the community, the Department of Public Safety urged parents to ‘talk to their kids about the dangers of huffing.

Teens getting high on Whip-Its (Louisiana): It gives them a legal and easily purchased high, but it could also take their life.

US teens 'getting drunk on hand sanitiser': An increasing number of US teenagers are drinking hand sanitiser and mouthwash because it contains alcohol, police in Albuquerque say.


Opal fuel needed to stop petrol sniffers (Katherine, NT): Children as young as six years of age have been seen sniffing petrol in the Katherine region. To intervene in the trend a group of more than 60 stakeholders, service providers, government, health and youth group representatives gathered in Katherine last week to discuss a push for the roll-out of Opal fuel in the region before the next wet season.

Petrol sniffing remains despite Opal roll-out: Central Australian Youth Link Up Service says some fuel retailers in central Australia are still refusing to stop sales of unleaded.

Seawind inquest finding (Bellambi, NSW): Deputy State Coroner Ian Guy found that 25 year-old Michael Parsons died from a heart arrhythmia caused by acute exposure to industrial solvent. Delivering his findings, Mr Guy said Seawind Catamarans’ management had failed to implement strategies to control the staff’s exposure to solvents and glues in ‘‘any meaningful way’’.


Observation home offers little help to juveniles (Hyderabad): He is not even 12 years old but had been committing one crime after another for a ‘gang leader’ who kept him intoxicated. He was forcibly inebriated - not by alcohol or drugs - but by sniffing whitener, which left him oblivious even to hunger.


Drug-addicted society: Over 50,000 street children are involved in solvent substance abuse in four major cities of the country.


Unsupervised UAE teen parties wild binge events: From inhaling butane gas to sniffing glue, to burning insects and inhaling the fumes, the ways are cheap, novel and, sometimes even, lethal.