Friday, December 09, 2011

VSA Headlines: November 2011

The death of 14-year-old Bethany Adcock this month reminds us once again that “volatile substance misuse remains an important problem in the UK, especially in terms of causing premature death amongst young people” (St George's, University of London: Trends in UK deaths associated with abuse of volatile substances, 1971-2008).


Solvent addict jailed for breaking can ban: A solvent addict has been jailed for possessing canisters of butane gas in a park just days after he was banned from having them in public.

Lethal ‘Laughing gas’ abuse in Sidmouth council car park: Thrill-seekers appear to be dicing with death in a council car park - by illegally inhaling gas for a giggle.

And finally, an interesting blog post from a retailer who "was surprised recently to discover that we were being targeted by a substance abuser." An area of legislation that does not get much publicity is solvent abuse.


Fifty-five persons die of drug overdose in Czech Republic in 2010
: Out of the 55 drug overdose cases resulting in deaths in 2010, 19 people used opiates, 18 used methamphetamine (pervitine), 16 used volatile substances and two Fentanyl, known as synthetic heroin.


Teen dies after huffing freon
(GA): A 13-year-old boy died in his neighbors yard. Police believe the victim had been huffing Freon from an air conditioning unit.

Midwest City dad hopes son's death serves as inhalant abuse warning
(OK): Raymond Randall King III, 13, was found dead Friday next to a home air conditioning unit in his Midwest City neighborhood.

Freon is a rapidly growing concern in the US and a host of other stories were carried by radio and television stations across the US this month, including WPRI, KSDK, KRMG, News on 6, Fox 19 and Fox 40.

Man dead after "huffing" propane vapors (MO): The Maries County Sheriff's Department said 41-year-old Keith A. Wood died Sunday after inhaling propane vapors.

Coroner rules Rosas’ death an ‘accident’ (TX): Rosas’ death was caused by “hyperthermia with significant contributing factor of inhalant abuse,” and that the “manner was an accident.”

Officials believe North Huntingdon victim inhaled chemical vapors (PA): A man found dead in a North Huntingdon creek on Wednesday had a history of arrests for inhaling chemical vapors, and "huffing" may have contributed to his death, police said.

Inhalant Abuse: The Fight Continues
: Burning Tree, a long term treatment center, announces that inhalant abuse is still on the rise and watching for warning signs of abuse will help prevent addiction.

Inhalant abuse on the rise in Humboldt County
: The Humboldt County Coroner's Office highlighted an increase in the use of nitrous oxide and other inhalants in a press conference Friday.

Gehring woman gets 1 year in jail for huffing
: A Gehring woman has been sentenced to one year in jail on charges she huffed inhalants to get high and helped children inhale propellants from spray cans while she supervised them during an after-school program.


Sniffing danger persists due to Yalata Opal delay
: A long-promised introduction of Opal fuel to the far west coast of South Australia is yet to happen.Welfare agency Uniting Care Wesley thinks the delay is endangering the health of the local community.

In search of a high, butane gas sniffer blows through the roof
(Wahroonga, NSW): A WOMAN addicted to sniffing butane gas blew her car to bits as she indulged her habit yesterday.


Coroner calls for warnings on 'huffing'
: The Otago Southland coroner has called on the Ministry of Health to increase publicity on the dangers of "huffing" after the death of a Wyndham teenager last year.


Murder suspect blames solvent use (Manila): Witnesses said Saltarin was under the influence of household solvents when he was trying to extort money from de Jesus who happened to be in the area.

CHILDREN can no longer buy volatile substances
like rugby and sealants from Mandaue City establishments. The Mandaue City Council passed on third and final reading an ordinance penalizing unauthorized distribution of these substances especially to minors.


Well-off children also becoming solvent addicts
(Kolkata): The menace of solvent addiction - which was once termed as the addiction of children living on platforms and pavements - is slowly creeping into the backyards of affluent families with their kids also becoming victims of the menace, an NGO said Monday.