Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21st 2011

Sadly to report the death of 14-year-old Bethany Adcock from Sheffield after inhaling fumes from an aerosol can. Dr Richard Oliver, Sheffield GP and joint clinical director of NHS Sheffield, said: “Solvent abuse can cause as many deaths as ecstasy."

The Headteacher at Bethany's School has said: “The school has experienced the sudden death of Bethany Adcock. We are deeply saddened by her death, Bethany was a Year 10 student, popular and friendly. Her sudden death is a tragic accident but it will obviously have an impact on the whole school, in particular those who were her friends and knew her well." (Yorkshire Post)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

VSA Headlines: August - Sept 2011

We are grateful this month to Children and Young People Now, who featured the problem of VSA and how best to help those affected by it in their Skills for the Job section.

News headlines from the UK and around the world include:


Care Home kids in 'extreme danger': A Newtownards mother, whose 12 year old daughter was put into the care of the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust and housed in their William Street residence in the town, believes the behaviour she learned from older residents during her time there has put her in extreme danger from solvent abuse.

Boy, four, and girl, two, found wandering along dual carriageway: The boy and his sister had been staying at their grandmother’s flat on March 27 with their mum and dad. Police searched the property and found the parents asleep, surrounded by scores of empty aerosol cans used by the solvent-sniffing dad.

Bangor man died after inhaling lighter fluid in bed: James Campbell, 29, had been addicted to butane gas from the age of 14 - using up to eight containers a day, Belfast coroner Joanne Donelly heard.

Glue sniffing Ardoyne rioter exposed himself court is told
: An alleged rioter was seen on CCTV sniffing glue and throwing a petrol bomb at police, a court has heard.

Jail threat to Norwich man who inhales 16 cans of butane gas every day: The 31-year-old has a lengthy past of criminal offences around the city due to an addiction to sniffing butane gas, 
which he uses as an anti-depressant.

Ex-heroin addict was high on aerosol
: A former heroin addict got high on aerosol in front of children and their parents in broad daylight in a popular Worcester park.

Man breached Asbo when caught sniffing gas in park: A homeless man breached his antisocial behaviour order (Asbo) when he was caught sniffing gas in a park, a court heard.

Solvent abuser jailed after violating public toilets ban
: A solvent abuser has been jailed for violating an Asbo which banned her from every public toilet in East Lothian - just ten days after the order was issued.

Ross youngsters warned about solvent abuse dangers: Young people in Ross-shire are being warned about the dangers of solvent and aerosol abuse after a number of cases were reported to Northern Constabulary over the past few weeks. The police have also issued warnings to parents over solvent abuse.

Ilkley youngsters warned over inhaling laughing gas
: Young people are putting themselves at risk by inhaling laughing gas nitrous oxide in the latest “legal high” trend to hit the Ilkley area, police have warned.


Kohl calls on National Drug Control Office to combat spike in "huffing" deaths, accidents
: Senator Herb Kohl asked the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) to combat“ huffing,” the deliberate inhaling of common household items, as part of the office’s comprehensive efforts to curb drug abuse and drugged driving.

Teens Using Freon to Get High: The latest statistics from the poison control centers report Freon huffing killed at least two teens in 2009 and sent more than 2,000 to the hospital. One of the many other stories on this subject focuses on Mona Casey: Mom who lost son to 'huffing' battles latest trend.

3 charged in Ardmore teen's death: The teens allegedly purchased a inhalant at a local grocery store. Ladd said the defendants encouraged Ozment, who was a minor, to abuse the intoxicating substance, which ultimately led to her death.

Dothan (AL) woman may have died from "huffing," police say: Dothan Police Department investigators say a woman found dead today may have died from an accidental overdose from "huffing."

Oak Hill police charge driver in fatal crash: Police say a Fayette County man was under the influence of inhalants when he crashed his vehicle, killing his passenger and injuring a pedestrian.

Charges in deadly nitrous oxide inhalation crash: Prosecutors say a Southern California driver was inhaling nitrous oxide gas to get high at the time of a fiery crash that killed a passenger and injured two others.

Father charged with huffing behind the wheel
: A young father is accused of putting his own bad habits before the safety of his two young daughters. Other stories concerning criminal activity associated with VSA included those from Wichita (KA), Gering (NE), Eau Claire County (WI), Apple Valley (MN), Cumberland County (PA), Bismarck (ND), Natrona County (WY), Naples (FL), Hamilton (NJ), and news that a city huffing ordinance is one step closer to reality following a unanimous vote by the Spencer City Council (IA).

Neighbor Says Brooklyn Concert Turns Into Nitrous Oxide Fest: A show last weekend ended with dozens of fans taking to the streets, to get high. And as CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis reports, concerts may now be in jeopardy.


Suicides spur plea from First Nation's ex-chief: The coroner's report paints a devastating picture of residents struggling tenaciously against poverty and deprivation, fighting substance abuse, unemployment and domestic violence. More than a quarter of girls in Grades 3 and 4 said they tried sniffing gasoline, the report says.


Service demands rise
: The recent spate in suicides across the region has highlighted the importance of community institutions in providing a safe and trustworthy place for troubled teens to seek help. Volatile substance misuse (VSM) coordinator at YPA Liz Toeke said the YPA staff had continuously worked to build strong relationships with young people to provide a supportive base to cater for their needs. A separate article notes that four of the five youths who died had a history of solvent abuse and petrol sniffing and that the ongoing inquest has previously been told that there are no centres in WA which treat solvent abuse nor is there legislation which can force abusers to be committed for treatment. The West Australian government should introduce mandatory rehabilitation for solvent abusers in remote communities, the inquest has heard.

More remote communities act to curb petrol sniffing
: The Northern Territory Government says almost 75 percent of communities in east Arnhem Land are taking part in a program to curb substance abuse.


Teen raped, killed in QC
: Authorities suspect that young men who inhale solvents, commonly called “rugby boys”, were responsible for the crime.

Cops arrest 'rugby boys' in EDSA: A group of minors allegedly responsible for a series of robberies along EDSA was arrested by officials of the Quezon City Police District on Tuesday. These young people, also commonly called "rugby boys," are often seen under the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) in EDSA-Cubao inhaling solvents used as roof sealants.


Glue Sniffing Becoming Serious In Malaysia: Glue sniffing is becoming more serious in the country with those as young as 12 years-old found to be involved in the activity, said Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) vice-chairman, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.


Lack of awareness encouraging substance abuse among children: The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) under the Women and Child Development Ministry has emphasized the need to generate awareness among children on the harmful effects of inhalants.

Kids glued to solvents have NGOs worried: Brij is one of the many street children who live dangerously so that they can finance their craving for drugs. Volunteers claim that children as young as four are addicted to substances like cobbler's glue.

Whitener inhaling addiction on the rise among minors: Fourteen-year-old Manish (name changed) stabbed his father with a kitchen knife recently and was sent to juvenile custody. What makes this stray case of juvenile crime all the more complicated is that Manish is addicted to sniffing whitener, a cheaper and potentially dangerous way to get high.


A worrisome addiction trend: Many youths are gradually resorting to hitherto harmless substances in the wave of onslaught on the usage of the regular banned substances by the authorities.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

VSA Headlines: October 2011

Many apologies for the delay in updating the blog. It's been a busy few months working on some exciting project applications to better support both adults and young people in the UK whose lives are affected by volatile substance abuse. Thanks for bearing with us, and here are the latest VSA news headlines from around the world.


Mother raises concerns over death of son: A mother has raised concerns that a gas canister containing lighter fluid was found in her son's room at a Bristol psychiatric hospital after he died. "We feel he might have died through inhaling the lighter gas and this has been covered up," she said.

Inhaling gas killed alcoholic, 41
: An alcoholic who was too broke to buy drink died from sniffing a can of lighter fluid, an inquest has ruled.

Chilling insight into world of addiction: Paul fell into drugs aged nine. A friend suggested he started sniffing solvents and he decided to try it.

Off-licencee in court for selling gas to children: An off-licence in Hatch End has been forced pay nearly £1,000 after selling butane gas to children.


The Alliance for Consumer Education Names Senator Herb Kohl Honorary Chair: Senator Kohl is a strong advocate for ACE’s flagship program of inhalant abuse prevention. Through his involvement, ACE looks to further raise the profile of the program to help amplify its educational message to parents and communities across the country on the dangers of misusing household products.

An inhalant-steeped, incoherent and armed James Parker Coogler holed up in a Belgrade storage unit for more than six hours while officers tried to coax him out.

Man Huffing Fuel Hit, Killed By Train
(St Albans, WV): A Kanawha County man was killed when he was hit by a train in St. Albans over the weekend.

A host of vehicle accidents caused by VSA continue to be reported, including 'Huffing' causes Dracut teen to crash into 2 women (Lowell, MA) and the case of a woman charged with huffing from an aerosol can before she crashed her car and injured her 1-year-old son (Huntingdon, PA).


NAN calls for women's addiction treatment facility
. Deputy Grand Chief Mike Metatawabin of Nishnawbe Aski Nation said a women’s addiction treatment facility is badly needed. He made the comments during Ka-Na-Chi-Hih’s 11th annual SAAFE (solvent abuse awareness for everyone) walk.


Coroner hands down suicide inquest findings: Mr Hope has made five recommendations including that legislation be introduced to force solvent abusers into treatment which would bring WA laws into line with those in the Northern Territory. Petrol sniffing has been partly blamed for a small Aboriginal community in Western Australia's far north having a suicide rate 100 times greater than the general population. A coroner's verdict on a second incident that occured in Kilkenny in 2009 has led to calls that the State 'needs petrol sniffing laws', while Health Minister John Hill has confirmed that the South Australian Government will now urgently look at ways to counter petrol sniffing.

Sniffing a 'hidden habit' for city Aborigines: Warren Miller and Jimmy Perry spend most of the year travelling through South Australia with their swags trying to divert people in Aboriginal communities away from petrol sniffing. Aboriginal elder Major Sumner is doing similar work in Adelaide, and helped establish a mobile assistance patrol for Aboriginal addicts more than 20 years ago and regularly picks up those suffering alcohol, drugs and sniffing addictions.

Murri Court may help fight against crime in Mount Isa: “... police will continue to work closely with other government and non-government organisations in support of these programs, including a volatile substance misuse (VSM) taskforce with Young People Ahead and Youth Invest, in an attempt to reduce associated offences stemming from young people who are engaging in VSM.”

Child abuse allegations hit NT rehab clinic: Police investigating suspected child abuse have removed six children from a substance rehabilitation centre in Central Australia. The outstation, south of Alice Springs, is a treatment facility for volatile substance abusers.


Dangers of 'huffing' stressed
: The dangers of "huffing" have been highlighted at the inquest of a Southland man. Andrew John Taylor, 17, died on December 1 after inhaling butane.


Sniffers thrive on easy access to glue: Kids are sniffing glue because it is accessible and there are no laws prohibiting the sale of glue to children, according to Toorak Community Policing chairman Sudhir Patel. One suggestion from a Makoi advisory councillor is that parents must work with teachers; there is also felt to be an urgent need to carry out awareness programs on television and radio stations on the effects of glue sniffing.


Snuff out gluesniffing: It is “high” time the Government takes action against glue sniffing, says Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye. Discussions are under way to formulate legislation to combat inhalant abuse, which includes glue sniffing.