Thursday, October 14, 2010

VSA Headlines: October

Opening in the US this month is the controversial film Samson and Delilah, written and directed by Warwick Thornton. If you missed it when it opened in the UK in March, it tells the story of, in the words of Germaine Greer: "an Aboriginal boy who sniffs petrol, and an Aboriginal girl who doesn't." You can read her full article, What a petrol-sniffing Aboriginal boy tells us about Australia today or watch the film's trailer here.


Crash that killed two may have been caused by "huffing" (Virginia): Blood tests determined that a Waynesboro man who caused a fatal May wreck on Interstate 64 — taking his life and killing a Tennessee man — was probably unconscious prior to the crash because of inhalant abuse.

Suspected 'huffer' caused crash that killed Pemberton father (New Jersey): A crash on Route 38 that killed a Pemberton Township father in March was caused by the other driver huffing aerosol propellant just before the accident, authorities said today.

As always, a host of driving accidents were reported, many involving teenagers, including one in Greenwood Arkansas and two in Chadron Nebraska, Harrisburg Pennsylvania.


Kids turn to glue sniffing (Queensland): Young people unable to buy aerosols are turning to a popular clear sealant product to get high.


Kids addicted to whitener sniffing (Kakinada): Apart from most deprived children living on the streets, even schoolchildren and college going students are said to be addicted to sniffing this liquid substance.


Pot’s on top: Marijuana still remains the most abused controlled substance in Bhutan. However, they are seeing a decline in the abuse of pharmaceutical drugs and solvents.