Thursday, January 08, 2009

Study finds Irish schoolchildren aged 10 are sniffing glue

By Eilish O'Regan Health Correspondent
Wednesday January 07 2009

A small number of children, some aged as young as 10, have admitted sniffing glue, according to a new study.
The extent of experimentation with glue and solvents among primary school children is a source of concern given its potentially lethal consequences, the research warned.
The study, which involved 1,254 children in 43 schools, found that 4.2pc admitted having abused glue or solvents "at least once or twice".
The children surveyed in Limerick, Clare and north Tipperary ranged in age from 10-14 years and were split between fifth and sixth class.
It found that 1pc reported they had used cannabis, the authors, from Limerick Institute of Technology and the Department of Public Health in the HSE West, said.
"Only two respondents reported having used cannabis more than once or twice," the 'Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine' said.
More than eight in 10 said they had heard of cannabis, but 16.2pc said they had not.
The report said that seven in 10 reported they had ever taken alcohol, even if it was only a sip. However, only 10.8pc reported having consumed a whole alcoholic drink.
"When asked whether they had ever had so much alcohol they were drunk, 6pc admitting to having been drunk."
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