Thursday, January 22, 2009

‘Schoolgirl was inhaling aerosols before she died’

Witness tells trial of Naomi’s last hours

A 14-YEAR-OLD girl who was found dead in a North-east house was inhaling aerosols on the night she died, a court heard today.
A girl witness who cannot be named, told the court how Naomi Thomson was one of three girls who consumed four bottles of alcopops.
She was today giving evidence at the trial in Peterhead Sheriff Court of Amanda Williamson and Christine Stewart who deny allowing Naomi to take part in a booze binge.
The pair are alleged to have allowed three underage girls – including 14-year-old Naomi Thomson – to binge on alcohol.
Naomi, of Saltoun Place, Fraserburgh, was discovered dead in a Fraserburgh house.
It is alleged the youngster was left “moaning” and “gurgling” and without the proper medical care.
Procurator Fiscal Sandy Hutchison asked the girl witness what the three girls including Naomi had been drinking and where they got the alcohol from.
She said that a bottle of WKD had been given to her by Stewart and that Williamson had provided another.
Williamson also gave the girls permission to drink two further bottles of alcopop from her fridge. Mr Hutchison asked the girl if anything else might have affected Naomi.
She replied: “She was inhaling aerosols.”
She said heard she had inhaled them through a towel in a bathroom.
The court earlier heard the schoolgirl said she was paid with alcopops instead of cash for doing a household chore for Williamson.
The girl agreed to help her in exchange for two bottles of blue WKD.
Williamson, of 34 Watermill Road, and Stewart of 2 Marconi Terrace both Fraserburgh, are alleged to have had three teenage girls including Naomi in their care on November 18 and 19, 2006 and allowed them to drink alcohol.
The charge further alleges Stewart, 49, failed to care for Naomi while she was staying at her home and failed to realise the teenager was intoxicated with alcohol and get the necessary medical help.

The trial continues.

By Lynn Kernan in The Evening Express