Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Volatile Substance Abuse – we want your views

Dear Colleague

Re-Solv is the UK charity concerned with volatile substance abuse (the deliberate inhalation of volatile products such as glues gases and aerosols to achieve intoxication).

With a grant from the Big Lottery, Re-Solv is investigating professionals’ views on VSA so that the organisation can help you to in your work.

As an independent research company, we are helping Re-Solv with this task. You can help us, by completing an on-line questionnaire – which will only take you a few minutes.

We would be very grateful if you would take a just few minutes to answer this questionnaire. Please follow this link, which will take you to the questionnaire, and follow the instructions there:

Your responses are confidential. We will not reveal individual identifiable responses to Re-Solv.

Thank you very much for your response. Your help will be very valuable to Re-Solv in planning their future work.

If you want to discuss this evaluation or ask any questions then please get in touch with me.

With my thanks

Richard Ives


educari is carrying out this evaluation for Re-Solv. This is an independent evaluation and we operate according to ethical guidelines.