Thursday, June 15, 2006

Australian solvent abuse gang

Esperance police in south-east Western Australia are concerned about a gang of Aboriginal youths who have been seen around the CBD under the influence of inhalants.
Police say they have discovered the group behaving aggressively and irrationally after sniffing paint.
Crime prevention officer Murray Pownall says investigations revealed that many of the group have come from Kalgoorlie.
Senior Constable Pownall says local businesses must be vigilant and refuse the sale of solvents to suspicious buyers.
He also asks for members of the community to report people they think have been sniffing paint who may look drunk and have paint around their mouths.
"Yes, they're only youngsters, around about 13, 14 and 15 years, males and females and, yes, it does cause concern," he said.
The Esperance Aboriginal Health Service says the substance abuse must be wiped out in the town as soon as possible.
Executive officer Lyn Kersley says sniffing solvents can have a devastating effect on communities as users become mentally unstable.