Thursday, December 15, 2005

Winning VSA project

Police from the Raintrees in Cairns, Australia noticed an increase in incidents involving the abuse of volatile substances such as paint aerosol cans. Project KIT-VSM was developed as an initiative to resolve the issues arising from volatile substance misuse. An agreement was reached with retailers to remove items from shelves or ensure that they were stored in a secure area, such as areas under the control of counter staff.

"All of the stores were really helpful and their response to the project was overwhelmingly positive" Senior Constable Musumeci said. " The aim was to give retailers control over their stock and to educate them on the potential signs that a customer could be affected by volatile substances.

It reduced the availability of things like aerosols... The retailers have also had an opportunity to train their staff and put in place their own procedures for selling these products."

The success of the project was recognised with the Queensland Police Service Gold Award for Excellence in Crime Prevention.