Wednesday, October 12, 2005

North East -Volatile Solvent Abuse Event


An awareness conference held in Bouldon, in the North East was a great success. The event provided a briefing for DAT coordinator's and key staff in the region about the new VSA Framework and included speakers from the Department of Health, St Georges Hospital, Medical School and Re-Solv.

Re-Solv, thanks to funding by Northern Rock Foundation, distributed materials for all the Drug Action Teams in the North East, a region, that has, since 1971 to 2003 there were 135 deaths from volatile substance abuse, many of them youngsters.

According to St GeorgeÂ’s Annual Report, it has been shown that since 1994 an average standardised mortality ratio for the North East is 62% higher than the average for the UK.

Warren Hawksley says:

“As Director of Re-Solv I have hoped for a long time that we could develop our work in the North East. It seems to be the area in the UK most effected by Volatile Substance Abuse and it is thanks to Northern Rock Foundation that this campaign has been launched. I also welcome the active concern shown by the Regional Government of the North East”.