Thursday, September 22, 2005

Drinking,Smoking,Drugs and Sexual Intercourse

Northern Ireland - Research

A recent report published in Research Update analysed the 854 responses of 16 year olds to the 2004 Young and Life Times (YLT) survey. They found that respondents were less likely to receive education about solvents (65%) than illegal drugs (80%), alcohol (75%), smoking (72%)and sexual intercourse (70%).

The survey also found that 6% of young people had used volatile substances. 2% of males had tried sniffing a few or many times, compared to 4% of females. Repeated or regular use of volatile substances was higher in big cities (6%) or small cities and towns (5%) than in the suburbs of big cities (2%) country villages (2%), farms or country homes (0%).

The report concluded that "There are many influences guiding young people in their decisions about smoking, drinking, drug use, solvent abuse and sexual intercourse. Agents of socialisation have the most influence on young people's views but interestingly young people's behaviour also varied depending on where they lived and their interest in school. "

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