Thursday, September 22, 2005

Law Against VSA

Malaysia - Law

The Malaysian government is drafting a legislation under which action can be taken on people who sniff glue or other hallucinogens. Internal Security Ministry Parliamentary Secretary Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusof said that legislation was being drafted following 75 cases of glue sniffing were detected from 2000 to August 2005. Other preventive measures included education and awareness programmes among young people in danger of sniffing. "The education and prevention campaigns are being held regularly as part of the anti-drug campaign in schools and the community," he said.

Drinking,Smoking,Drugs and Sexual Intercourse

Northern Ireland - Research

A recent report published in Research Update analysed the 854 responses of 16 year olds to the 2004 Young and Life Times (YLT) survey. They found that respondents were less likely to receive education about solvents (65%) than illegal drugs (80%), alcohol (75%), smoking (72%)and sexual intercourse (70%).

The survey also found that 6% of young people had used volatile substances. 2% of males had tried sniffing a few or many times, compared to 4% of females. Repeated or regular use of volatile substances was higher in big cities (6%) or small cities and towns (5%) than in the suburbs of big cities (2%) country villages (2%), farms or country homes (0%).

The report concluded that "There are many influences guiding young people in their decisions about smoking, drinking, drug use, solvent abuse and sexual intercourse. Agents of socialisation have the most influence on young people's views but interestingly young people's behaviour also varied depending on where they lived and their interest in school. "

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

North East VSA event

North East England - Event

Re-Solv has worked with Drug Action Teams and the Government Office North East to deliver a regional event to highlight VSA in the region. VSA death rates in the North East have been the highest in the UK and are 62% higher than the national average. Therefore prevention work here is of particular significance and importance.

The event is being held from 10am -1.30pm on 11th October at the Boldon Quality Hotel and is available to commissioners of and workers from all young people's services within the region.

The event will include a number of speakers delivering local, regional and national perspectives and the key speaker will be John Ramsey of St Georges Hospital Medical School. It has been timed to support the recently launched Government framework for VSA.

Alongside the event the aim is to raise the awareness of professionals, parents and young people through the widespread distributions of appropriate training, educational and awareness materials. The project is assisted by a grant from the Northern Rock Foundation.

For further information please contact Claire Toas ( or tel: 0191 202 3628.