Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Deaths from Volatile Substance Abuse in 2003 fell to 51,

UK - Press Release

Re-Solv welcomes the publication of the encouraging 2003 annual report by the Division of Community Health Sciences at St George’s, University of London.

The considerable fall in deaths from VSA in the year that Re-Solv supplied a copy of the awareness video ‘A Loaded Gun’ and the Teachers Pack to every secondary school in the UK is not a coincidence. St George’s Report actually says: “There has been a continuing progress of health education, along with personal and social education in schools, addressing the issue of VSA”.

Re-Solv believes the prevention measure needs still stating clearly that VSA can kill first time. Any child’s death is one too many as we again see the death of a seven year old. We regret that it seems from our press cuttings that the figures will rise again in 2004.

Re-Solv also welcomes the publication of the Government’s VSA Framework, which has been in preparation for over three years. We welcome the consultation we have had over the three years of production with the Department of Heath civil servants. We welcome the emphasis on priority for:

1. Better education
2. Dealing with VSA effectively locally
3. Minimising the opportunity for abuse
4. Research

Re-Solv is urging the Government to make sufficient funding available because to achieve success the framework outlined today will cost money.