Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Re-Solv delivers VSA presentation at International Convention


Re-Solv’s National Youth Liaison Officer, Kay Carter, was chosen to speak at an international conference in Calgary in March 2005.

Kay’s specialism in delivering VSA prevention was selected from a significant amount of applications. Funding was provided by the conference organisers, The Canadian Youth Solvent Addiction Committee. Re-Solv is delighted to have this opportunity to once again highlight the charity’s work in the international field of solvent and volatile substance abuse.

A recent report from The Toronto Research Group on Drug Use (RGDU) highlighted that the potentially fatal practice of VSA was most popular among the youngest students surveyed. The report noted that the elevated levels of inhalant use locally mirrors trends reported in the USA where use is associated with teens being at home alone after school and having very low levels of risk awareness. Interestingly the problem of risk awa- reness regarding VSA has been drawn out of sessions Kay has conducted throughout the UK in recent years.

Kay’s presentation was so successful that Re-Solv has been invited to address future conferences as a keynote contributor.

Re-Solv is pleased that, once again, its presence and expertise in the international field of VSA has been and will continue to be highly regarded.