Monday, March 27, 2017

VSA Headlines - March 2017


Killed by deodorant: Forensic pathologist, Dr Jonathan Metcalfe said the cause of [the 12-year-old girl's] death was ”inhalation of volatile substances.”

Man is caught inhaling butane gas on Norwich’s Prince of Wales Road the day after release from six week prison sentence imposed for consuming butane gas: A man was caught inhaling butane gas the day after he was released from prison for an earlier breach of a criminal behaviour order imposed to stop him doing it.

Scores of legal high 'hippy crack' canisters found dumped in beauty spot: Piles of nitrous oxide or 'laughing gas' canisters are found outside Milton Country Park on a near weekly basis.

Teens sniff smoke from wheelie bins to get high: Teenagers are sniffing the fumes from burning wheelie bins to get high, it has been claimed.


School honours teen killed by inhaling lighter fluid: The Montessori Lyceum on Van Ostadestraat in Amsterdam set up a memorial place for 13-year-old student Ouahib Omri, who died this weekend after inhaling lighter fluid.


Woman found dead in car after inhaling aerosol with boyfriend in Woodhaven Meijer parking lot (MI): Woodhaven police said a man who had been inhaling aerosol from a can with his girlfriend frantically ran inside a store to get help once he discovered she was dead.

Young woman's death likely tied to use of inhalants, police say (MI): Police suspect that a 23-year-old woman died after inhaling spray of aerosol cans.

Driver in deadly crash accused of huffing behind the wheel (VT): A driver is accused of huffing behind the wheel and causing a deadly crash.

Driver in fatal 2010 'huffing' crash sentenced to nearly 11 years (CA): A motorist who was high on chemicals found in keyboard cleaner when he rear-ended a car fatally injuring a 9-year-old girl, was sentenced Friday to nearly 11 years in state prison.

Harrison Township man who ‘huffed' and drove gets 6 years in traffic death (MI): A Harrison Township man was ordered to serve over six years in prison Wednesday for causing a traffic death while under the influence of an inhalant.

Man admits inhaling chemical to get high before fatal 2015 crash (FL): Ivan Figueras-Pino’s life ended in a jarring, violent instant.

Man found guilty of vehicular homicide in apparent huffing case (WA): [He] quickly left the courtroom Monday after a jury convicted him of causing a crash that claimed the life of a 17-year-old Sultan girl.

Olathe woman sentenced for causing fatal wreck while ‘huffing’ gas (KS): An Olathe woman who was “huffing” gas from an aerosol can when she caused a fatal traffic crash was sentenced Monday to nine years in prison.

Madison man convicted of traffic homicide of pedestrian after inhaling air duster (WI): A Madison man struck and killed a pedestrian on a virtually empty Far East Side street last year after inhaling aerosol air duster.

Man seriously burned while huffing when aerosol ignites (TN): An Ashland City man is in the hospital with serious burns after police say the cleaning product he was huffing ignited.

Rialto passes unique nitrous oxide ordinance aimed at protecting youth: Rialto has become the first city in the nation to pass an ordinance which bans the sale or distribution of nitrous oxide in the city in an effort to keep the popular inhalant out of the hands of young people and teens.

Traffic accidents caused by VSA occurred in VA, TX and WY while other VSA-associated arrests took place in FL, KYMD, NCNY, NY and TX.


Teenager dies in glue-sniffing fight in Sharjah: A 16-year-old Arab boy died two days after a physical fight fuelled by sniffing glue with friends who have since been arrested, an official at Sharjah Police told Gulf News on Monday.


Boy, 12, may have permanent brain damage after he 'drank a large amount of alcohol and inhaled a deadly cocktail of household chemicals' (QLD): Boy, 12, could be suffering a permanent brain injury from drinking alcohol. Police believe he may also have been 'chroming', inhaling chemicals.

Gas sniffing and lead poisoning may be causing indigenous suicides across generations: Toronto researchers: It was 1973, and federal epidemiologist Dr. John Davies was concerned by what he saw among northwestern Ontario’s aboriginal population.


70,000 children habituated to drugs, reveals 1st major government survey on Delhi's street kids: "Initiation of drug, tobacco as well as inhalants use started at 9 years of age. Cannabis and alcohol use started a little at about 11 years of age. Even substances such as heroin or opium started at the young age of 12-13 years of age", reads the report.


Investigation sought on Tagbilaran’s ‘rugby boys’: The problem of street children who sniff the solvent rugby has drawn the attention of Bohol officials.

Monday, February 27, 2017

VSA Headlines - February 2017


Inside the criminal trend of stealing laughing gas from hospitals: Steal NOS and sell it in balloons at a rave, and you've made £700 of pure profit, so it's no wonder thefts are on the rise.

Teenagers 'high on laughing gas' throw chairs and smash window in McDonald's: The rampage, which happened at Merseyway in Stockport, is the third such incident in a month at a town centre outlet of the burger giant.


Woman dies after found in bathroom of Niagara Falls mall with inhalant cans: A woman died Wednesday night after she was found with air duster cans in her possession in the bathroom at Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls, according to police.

Fargo man sentenced to six months for wife's huffing death: A Fargo man was sentenced to six months in jail on Monday, Feb. 13, after pleading guilty to a charge of reckless endangerment for providing the cans of dust cleaner his wife used during a fatal huffing session in December.

Lebanon woman caused fatal accident after huffing (PA): A Lebanon woman caused a fatal crash in December after huffing an aerosol can, police say.

Death in Wells Co. “huffing” incident ruled accidental (IN): A man’s death was ruled accidental after a “huffing” incident in Wells County in January.

Tifton PD, GBI investigate death (GA): People in the area are concerned that huffing may be to blame for the death. Witnesses that found the body said they found multiple cans of aerosol nearby.

Traffic accidents caused by VSA occurred in FLGA, IA and PA while other VSA-associated arrests took place in MA, MIOH, OH and TN.


Chances are, a child you know is using drugs: In 2014, the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC) at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) conducted the first nationwide survey on drug abuse in children. Of 4,024 minors surveyed, 83.2% had used tobacco, 67.7% consumed alcohol, 35.4% used cannabis and 34.7% were sniffing inhalants such as glue and correction fluid.


Boy dies following inhaling camping gas from can: A 12 year-old boy died and his friend was injured after they inhaled gas from a camping gas can bought from a supermarket in Nakhon Ratchasima province.


Sudanese NGO encourages homeless children to join school: [Faris Alnur Ibrahim, chairman of Mujaddidon Organization] said the majority of the homeless children who joined the open school were addictive to sniffing glue, a petrochemical material used in fixing bicycle wheel tubes. These children sniff the glue as a substitute for drugs because it is inexpensive and easier to obtain.

Monday, January 23, 2017

VSA Headlines - January 2017

Public Health England published the latest NDTMS data on the number of young people in England in treatment services for substance misuse. The number was up from 357 young people being treated for 'solvents' in 2014/15 to 441 in 2015/16. The average age had risen from 14 to 15 years old. VSA accounted for 3% of all young people in treatment (up from 2% the previous year) but 10% of young people under the age of 13 (up from 6.75%).

At the moment there is no prevalence data available for 2015, but the annual Smoking, drinking and drug use among young people in England report has been showing a reduction in the use of 'glue, gas, aerosols and solvents' among 11-15 year-olds - from 3.6% in 2012 and 2013 to 2.9% in 2014.

It's to be hoped that the increased number of young people in treatment is a positive reflection that more young people are coming forward for help and support, rather than there being an increase in prevalence. We look forward to the findings of the 2016 Smoking, drinking and drug use report when it is published later this year.

Re-Solv's helpline number is 01785 810762, text/whatsapp 07496 959930.

Other headlines this month include:


Study of two solvents links on-the-job exposure to head and neck cancer in women: Occupational exposure to chlorinated solvents perchloroethylene and trichloroethylene may increase the risk of head and neck cancer in women. See BMJ Open.

Aston Villa star filmed 'inhaling hippy crack in club shirt' just HOURS after FA Cup tie: AstonVilla striker Aaron Tshibola has appeared to film himself inhaling "hippy crack" from a balloon just hours after his team was dumped out of the FA Cup by Spurs.

New 'laughing gas' alert as hundreds of cannisters are dumped in car park: Groups are gathering on an industrial estate to inhale the potentially lethal nitrous oxide, also known as 'laughing gas'.


Jury finds huffing man guilty (CA): A jury convicted a Chula Vista man Wednesday of gross vehicular manslaughter in the death of a 9-year-old girl in 2010 in a case involving “huffing”.

Long wait for cause of death (IN): Details likely won’t be known for weeks about why a Craigville man died hours after reportedly huffing aerosol dusting spray and being shocked with a Taser stun gun.

Silicon Valley star is sued for allegedly 'hitting' private driver after 'inhaling laughing gas: Silicon Valley star TJ Miller allegedly attacked his private driver during a heated argument about Donald Trump after inhaling 'laughing gas'.

Traffic accidents caused by VSA occurred in NE, NY, PA and PE while other VSA-associated arrests took place in NHPA, PA and SC.


Boy, 12, dies after inhaling lighter fluid for fire-breathing video stunt to raise money for struggling mum.

Monday, December 19, 2016

VSA Headlines - December 2016

Happy Christmas - and thank you!

The end of the year is nearly here so we just wanted to say thanks to all the brilliant people who've helped make this year such a good one. A huge thanks to all those of you who shared your personal stories of solvent abuse with us. Thanks to all the peer mentors and recovery groups who help us learn more about solvent abuse and who act as recovery champions for solvent abuse in the community. And thanks to all the professionals who came to training and who are now assessing for solvent use, and supporting clients using these substances across the country.

Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2017.

*         *         *

Headlines from the UK and around the world this month include:-


Psychoactive substances ban 6 months on: almost 500 arrests and first convictions: A Press Release from the Home Office and Sarah Newton MP announced that nearly 500 people have been arrested since the government’s landmark Psychoactive Substances Act came into force 6 months ago.

BCF launches next phase of VOC compliance campaign: The BCF’s compliance campaign started nearly a year ago, with the aim of stamping out solvent abuse in the vehicle refinish sector.

Leicester City star reported to have been filmed inhaling potentially lethal laughing gas: According to Mirror reports Gray, 20, posted a video online after Leicester City's Premier League 2-0 home defeat against Everton on Boxing Day.


Woman’s death thrusts huffing dangers into spotlight: In Maine, adult addiction to inhalants is on the rise, difficult to treat, and can be damaging or even fatal.

Guilty plea in gas ‘huffing’ wreck that killed elderly Olathe woman (KS): A woman pleaded guilty Thursday to causing a 2015 traffic crash that killed a 77-year-old woman.

Teen gets 6 years prison for death after ‘huffing’ (OH): He was convicted of aggravated vehicular homicide, driving while intoxicated and tampering with evidence for trying to hide the can of compressed air

Piqua woman found unresponsive after huffing intoxicant, is arrested (OH): A woman was found unresponsive in a bathroom after allegedly huffing air duster while a child slept nearby in the residence.

Serial huffer tells officers he has a drug problem, cops say: A homeless man caught huffing canned air to get high reportedly told Bethlehem police he has a drug problem and needs help.

Using inhalants can cause death on first use, experts say: Common products in a home or workplace can quickly become dangerous and sometimes deadly.

Traffic accidents caused by VSA occurred in IDIN and LA while other VSA-associated arrests took place in CTOK, OKORPA and TX.


Strong guidelines required after Quebec teen dies inhaling cleaner: A Quebec coroner is recommending action by government, parents and teachers after a 15-year-old boy died from inhaling keyboard cleaner.


Cliff Cardinal talks about bringing his one-man show, Huff, to the Sydney Festival: Award-winning Canadian Indigenous performer and playwright, Cliff Cardinal, is bringing his critically-acclaimed one-man show, Huff, to Sydney this January. The piece follows Wind, a First Nation’s boy who escapes his own painful reality by sniffing solvent.

Sniffing deodorant warning as school holidays start: A new method of chroming has police calling on parents to be vigilant ahead of the school holidays.

Low-aromatic fuels mandatory to combat petrol sniffing in Queensland Cape, Scent-free petrol will become mandatory in a northwest Queensland town as a last resort to stop youths petrol sniffing.

Monday, November 28, 2016

VSA Headlines - November 2016


Tragedy of dedicated care worker, 33, who died sniffing hairspray: Pathologists later determined she had experienced sudden sniffing death syndrome (SSDS) after inhaling a number of cans of the aerosol.

Radio 4's The Untold follows the story of a young man who had experimented with gas as a child - Some Mother's Son: Grace Dent follows listener Shirley as she finds out more about how her estranged son died.

Motorcyclists gearing up as third annual Action on Addiction ride confirmed: Organiser John Bramble, from Chickerell, launched the event in memory of his son Craig who he sadly lost to solvent abuse in 2001.


Home evacuated as intruder 'huffs' gasoline (IN): Members of a Winchester family had to briefly evacuate their home after an unwelcome guest “huffed” gasoline in their basement.

Ephrata man charged for huffing, passing out in judge's office with child (PA): An Ephrata man was charged with endangering the welfare of a child after being found unresponsive in the lobby of Magisterial District Judge Tony S. Russell's office Friday morning.

Screamer was huffing canned air (MP): A woman who was heard screaming inside a house Thursday turned out to be huffing canned air.

Huffing charge for Walmart shoplifter (NJ): A Berkeley man is facing shoplifting charges after allegedly boosting two cans of compressed air, getting high on one of them and then taking a tumble inside a bathroom.

Man arrested after stealing, huffing Ultra Duster from Wal-Mart (OR): A Roseburg man was arrested Tuesday afternoon after he was caught stealing Ultra Duster, an aerosol cleaning product, and later found huffing the product inside his vehicle.

Driving offences caused by VSA were reported in FL, LA, MO, NCOH and a fatality in MI.


JD and the Sunshine Band make music from the margins: In 2013, the band formed as part of the Solvent User’s Recreation Project (SURP) at Sunshine House, a drop-in and resource centre.


NSW woman jailed over 'butane' stabbing: A woman who stabbed her sleeping partner with a kitchen knife while she was high on butane has been jailed for at least 14 months.

Petrol stations change fuel to take high away from petrol sniffing: Low aromatic fuel will be rolled out at Mount Isa service stations to stem the rise of petrol sniffing in the western Queensland town.


Glue sniffing addict attacks relatives, three seriously injured: A family of three sustained serious injuries after a relative, believed to be under the influence of alcohol and glue vapors, ran amok at their home in Kampung Belangsat, near Limbang, today.


Teen falls to death during 'laughing gas' session: A 13-year-old boy fell to his death from an HDB block in an accident when he was having a "laughing gas'' session with two classmates.


Inhalant usage on rise among children: National survey finds alcohol and tobacco use also high among children in Kerala.

Children getting addicted to sniffing toxic glue (Odisha): In a shockingly revelation, several street children and school students in the capital have been found to be addicted to inhaling synthetic rubber based adhesives as they contain chemicals which act like intoxicants.

Monday, October 31, 2016

VSA Headlines - October 2016

Thanks to the BBC series, Doctors, for highlighting the issue of solvent abuse this month, Watch series 18, episodes 8889 and 90 to follow the story.

This month, Mentor have also published a new briefing paper: Preventing Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Substance Use Problems Alcohol and Drug Prevention.


Public warned after 70 'laughing gas' cannisters found strewn in car park in Malvern: Police have warned people not to take legal highs after around 70 deadly "laughing gas" canisters were found scattered across a car park.

Has laughing gas become a problem on the Isle Of Dogs? Docklands inhabitants take to Facebook to air their worries about the use of the legal high and the littering of nitrous oxide canisters across the island


Huffing Dust Spray Causes Man's Odd Bone Disease (RI): A man in New England developed a bone disease rarely seen in the United States due to his habit of huffing computer cleaner, according to a new report of the case.

Blue Island man had been turning his life around before his death, sister says: [His] cause of death was still pending ... but police said they found a number of computer dust-remover spray cans near his body.

Man pleads not guilty to killing teen with car (WI): [He] allegedly had inhaled “Dust Off” (a canned aerosol cleaner) minutes prior to driving and becoming involved in the crash.

Hidalgo County Prosecutor Resigns In Wake Of Inhalant Arrests (TX): A Hidalgo County assistant district attorney has resigned after being arrested twice in two weeks for intoxicated driving.

Nail salons must clean up toxic act: Women who pay for manicures and pedicures may not be aware of the dangers to their neurological and cognitive health from toxic chemicals contained in glues, solvents, and nail polishes.

Man Arrested for Allegedly Huffing Duster (IN): Police say [his] grandmother called police after he threatened to hit her while huffing.

Driving offences caused by VSA were reported in INMI and PA.


Woman behind watershed non-sniffable fuel rollout in Central Australia honoured 10 years on: For decades petrol sniffing devastated the beloved Aboriginal communities of fuel campaigner Janet Inyika.


Teen's fall from height after inhaling butane a tragic misadventure, says coroner (Singapore): A 13-year-old boy fell from height at an HDB block in an accident when he was having a "laughing gas'' session with two classmates.


Uttarakhand High Court Bans Sale Of Whitener In State: The Uttarakhand High Court on Tuesday ordered a complete ban on the sale of whitener in the state following the death of a teenager from sniffing excess whitener for a kick in the district.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

VSA Headlines - September 2016

The annual report into drug-related deaths in England and Wales was published this month, showing: "There were 3,674 drug poisoning deaths involving both legal and illegal drugs registered in England and Wales in 2015, the highest since comparable records began in 1993."

It should be noted in addition that these numbers do not include deaths from VSA and Re-Solv is in the process of submitting a request for this data.

This month, Public Health England have also published Understanding and preventing drug-related deaths: The report of a national expert working group to investigate drug-related deaths in England.

VSA headlines from the UK and around the world this month included:


What the 1980s Glue Sniffing Epidemic Can Teach Us About Preventing Ecstasy Deaths: ... Called Re-Solv, the charity, which still exists today, played a key role in getting the message across, and by the 1990s teenage deaths from glue sniffing had plummeted.

Driver jailed for crashing car while inhaling laughing gas: [She] receives 20-month sentence after crashing car in Manchester while inhaling nitrous oxide, injuring herself and others.

Gangs selling laughing gas in Hackney go underground as ‘legal high’ is outlawed: Emma Bartholomew accompanies the police out on a Friday night to see the extent of the nitrous oxide trade since it was made illegal – and finds that, although eradicated in Shoreditch, organised gangs now work in Dalston.

First man jailed for selling ‘legal highs’ at music festival: A man has become one of the first to be prosecuted under new laws on ‘legal’ highs.

No laughing matter: Brit holidaymaker in Ayia Napa turns into hysterical wreck after inhaling a massive balloon full of nitrous oxide.

Other 'legal highs'

Legal high deaths triple in prisons: Prisons Ombudsman says inmates are dying in legal high-related murders, and because of psychotic episodes and suicides triggered by the drugs.

'High Way' to Hell: File on 4 traces the supply [of NPS] back to labs in China. (See also news story: What goes on inside a Chinese 'legal high' factory?)


Inhalants — The Easy to Acquire but Deadly Drug That Nobody Talks About: “It’s the forgotten epidemic,” says Harvey Weiss, who runs the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition, a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based organization that aims to fight against inhalant abuse.

Woman accused of huffing gas near toddler (FL): An Inverness woman is facing a charge of child neglect after being accused of huffing gasoline while a toddler was present.

St. Albans man arrested again for violence after allegedly huffing paint (WV): A man is back behind bars after deputies say he violently robbed a woman in a grocery store parking lot Thursday.

Woman accused of 'huffing' in front of police (OH):  A 32-year-old woman is charged with “huffing” compressed gas out of a can right in front of police as they were there to arrest her on a prior charge involving the same offense.

Driving crimes, accidents and fatalities caused by VSA were reported in FL, Traverse MITroy MIPABremerton WA and Seattle WA.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

VSA Headlines - August 2016


Dual Dilemma: People who misuse drugs or alcohol at the same time as experiencing mental health issues are being denied access to proper treatment, says Turning Point.

Mercy for Willand solvent sniffing son who attacked dad in noise row: A son who battered his father after an argument over loud music has been freed so he had tackle alcohol and solvent addiction problems.

Robber used a meat cleaver to steal butane gas: A woman addicted to butane gas, robbed a shopkeeper for more supplies after producing a meat cleaver.

Other 'legal highs'

‘Legal Highs’ and Novel Psychoactive Substances: Alcohol and Drug Prevention is a new briefing paper in a series produced by Mentor ADEPIS on alcohol and drug education and prevention, for teachers and practitioners.

New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) resource pack: A new resource pack for educators and practitioners working with young people from the Home Office.

Health responses to new psychoactive substances is a new report published by EMCDDA. "Responses to the emergence of new psychoactive substances (NPS) across Europe have largely been
regulatory. However, findings from this study show that health- and drug-related interventions have emerged in response to evidence of harms associated with NPS use in some user groups and settings across Europe."

'Legal High' ban in the Isle of Man from today: A blanket ban on so-called legal highs comes in force in the Isle of Man today.


Man died in garda van after taking alcohol and butane gas: A talented stonemason who abused both alcohol and butane gas died from "excited delirium" after being placed in a garda vehicle.


Traffic accidents and fatalities caused by VSA were reported in FL, INME, NY, TX and WI.

Walmart provided over 60 aerosol cans to woman found dead in truck, lawsuit says (TX): The preliminary autopsy found she died from inhaling the contents of multiple aerosol cans purchased in the hours leading up to her death.

Death of Sarasota woman, son after inhaling drain opener appears to be murder-suicide (FL): [They] died after inhaling drain cleaner and it appears not to have been accidental, according to police spokeswoman

Dangers Of Inhaling Helium From Balloons (OR): 8-year-old girl in Portland suffocated by birthday balloon.


What to do with a propane addict? The question of what to do with a man with an unusual addiction was raised recently as those in court struggled with how best to deal with a propane huffer.


Sharp decreases in petrol sniffing rates: New research has found that petrol sniffing in Indigenous communities across the Northern Territory has declined by 30 per cent since 2011.


Chemical huffing at youth justice facility: An emergency services call out to Te Puna Wai youth justice facility last night was due to a group of girls huffing aerosol cans, police have confirmed.


Man fined RM100 for trespassing into building to sniff glue: A 27-year-old jobless man who was caught sniffing glue in a building here after trespassing the premises was fined RM100 or one week's jail.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

VSA Headlines - July 2016

This month, the Home Office publishes the latest Drug misuse: findings from the 2015 to 2016 CSEW report, which examines the extent and trends in illicit drug use among a sample of 16 to 59 year old residents in households in England and Wales.


Blackburn man punched nurse in the face and racially abused doctor: A 53-year-old man who had been sniffing butane gas and drinking punched a nurse in the face, racially abused a doctor and made threats to another female member of staff at Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Woman seen sniffing gas at back of 256 bus: Police were called by Stagecoach Manchester after the incident on the on a number 256 bus at Trafford Bar.

Community shocked by growing use of laughing gas in Dursley: Police have warned that a surge in the number of people using ‘laughing gas’ in Dursley could lead to a fatal accident.

'Legal highs'

£250k lottery cash will help local charity combat spread of 'legal highs': Parents, students and youngsters are all being warned over the danger of so-called 'legal highs' after a charity was given £250,000 to tackle the use of such substances in the Potteries.

Health responses to new psychoactive substances: EMCDDA, Lisbon, June 2016

'It's russian roulette.' Warning as teenager, 19, dies after smoking ‘legal high’ known as Pandora’s Box.


Belleville man arrested for 'huffing' inhalants to get high dies later at hospital (IL): A man who police arrested for inhaling compressed gas to get high Friday began complaining of shortness of breath and later died at a hospital, authorities said.

She replaced heroin with huffing. Now, she's dead at 39 (PA): An accidental overdose of dusting spray killed a woman who got sick in her probation officer's car in April and later died at Memorial Hospital.

Fargo man charged with negligent homicide in wife's huffing death (ND): A Fargo man is charged with negligent homicide in the death of his wife, who according to court documents, died after the two had a mutual huffing session.

Serious traffic accidents and fatalities caused by VSA were reported in NCNJ, PAWI.

Florida woman found huffing propane, puts lighter over tank:  A Florida woman was arrested last Thursday after deputies said they found her without any clothes on and sucking propane from a tank, which she held a lighter over when she saw the deputies.


Petrol sniffer burns down mother’s house (NT): A petrol sniffer destroyed his mother’s house by setting fire to a pile of his own clothes because his family tried to enter him into rehab, a court has heard.


Stop sniffing glue: A 13-year-old student is the latest to have been treated at Fiji's mental institution, the St Giles Psychiatric Hospital, for volatile substance abuse — glue.

Monday, June 27, 2016

VSA Headlines - June 2016

This month has seen the publication of the Global Drug Survey 2016 findings, which include the "biggest study of nitrous oxide use ever" showing "increasing rates of use in the UK" and that "globally nitrous oxide is now ranked the 7th most popular drug in the world."

Drugwise have also published NPS Come of Age: A UK overview, written by Harry Shapiro and based on work first published by DrugScope in 2014 and 2015.

The EMCDDA's European Drug Report 2016 is also out and a brief 4-part overview is offered on Russell Webster's blog.


Mother of solvent abuser hits out at butane seller: The mother of a Tayside man whose life has been ruined by solvent abuse has slammed a controversial Dundee store over the sale of lighter gas.

Other 'legal highs'

The true horrors of using NPS in prison: Prisoners talk about legal highs inside.


Woman found dead after huffing household cleaner at Clearview Mall (LA): A 30-year-old woman was found dead in her car in the third floor of a parking garage at the Clearview Mall in Metairie.

Mailer represents new phase of anti-inhalant abuse campaign (MD): The death of Andrew Spencer led to an effort to raise awareness of inhalant abuse.

Inhalants are causing big issues in Rapid City (SD): Rapid City Police say the use of inhalants in our community is out of control. In fact, earlier this month a 29 year old woman was found dead with a can of Dust Off lying next to her.

Traffic accidents due to VSA were reported in FLMI and TN.


20 cases of substance abuse in schools: The National Substance Abuse Advisory Council is currently working with the Solicitor General’s office on enacting a law on volatile substance abuse.


Street kids shift ‘sniff’ from rugby to Vulcaseal: Street children have switched to the use of Vulcaseal from rugby, prompting the Dangerous Drugs Board to study ways to dampen its attractive smell.


Glue-sniffing teens detained after photos published on social media: Five teenagers who had used a building rooftop as their hideout to sniff glue were rounded up after photos of them in the act were shared on social media.